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Compensation from BT

Hello everyone, last month we decided not to renew our broadband contract with BT as we had a better service with another provider. I had to call 4 times to cancel it and I said repeatedly during the conversation that it was only the broadband I wanted to cancel not the phone line. The next day BT cut the phone line! For some ridiculous reason that I do not understand they were unable to reconnect the phone for two weeks. During this time it caused a huge amount if disruption to daily life and I had to use my mobile to make essential calls (not easy when our signal is really poor). Initially BT offered £20 compensation which I thought was not nearly enough! They then revised this offer to £14! Bizarrely they sent me a text saying I could have a refund of £50 but this turned out to be a con as it was only a refund for the engineers visit which they partly refunded on the bill and partly via this text message. I am shocked that even though they acknowledge that it has all been their fault, BT won't offer a reasonable level of compensation to cover the cost of the mobile bills. I am waiting the required 8 weeks then taking it to the ombudsman but what are they going to do?
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Re: Compensation from BT

Have a read of this customer service guarantee


Either you can accept the compensation they offer, or turn it down and submit a written claim for actual losses.

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