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Complaint - BT engineer didn't show up twice!

I recently moved house and after wating 4 weeks for my broadband and phone connection appointment, taking time off work and waiting in for 5 hours on Monday, THE ENGINEER DIDN'T SHOW UP. I only received a phone call to say he wasn't coming half an hour after the appointed slot finished.


The appointment was rearranged for today (Thursday) and I was assured they would be there and would call me before arriving. Unbelievably NO ONE SHOWED UP AGAIN and NO PHONE CALL. There was even a guy down the bottom of the road in a BT van sleeping with his feet up on the dash but he said he couldn't do anything as he was booked for a different address. BT now say it was an iternal error and they accidentaly deleted the rearranged appointment.


Thats a 5 week wait, 10 hours wasted, a day and a half of lost earnings due to time off work, still no phone or broadband connection and no idea when we are going to get one. I have spoken to customer service and they keep putting me on hold and changing their story are now saying they can't even give me a date for 24 hours.


This is outragious.

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Re: Complaint - BT engineer didn't show up twice!

BT do not provide or maintain the external network. This is done by Openreach who work for all service providers. BT do not get any special treatment.

Openreach are having difficulties due to the bad weather, so installation and repairs are taking much longer than normal.

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Re: Complaint - BT engineer didn't show up twice!


So that's an acceptable excuse is it?! - the weather.

Sure delays occur but not communicating with your customer is down right unacceptable.

This happens all too often with BT. I for one should know, I waited 5 weeks for an install and that was cancelled but nobody thought of an excuse in time.
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Re: Complaint - BT engineer didn't show up twice!

It really depends on the quality of updates that BT get from Openreach.


You might be able to get more information from the BT Care Team, they are the only BT employees here.


If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they may be able to find out what is going on.


They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team


They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.

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Infinity Engineer


I'm an entertainer (juggler, stilts etc)  If BT booked me to entertain at their Christmas Party, would they be upset if

a) I didn't turn up

b) Didn't let them know I wasn't going to

You bet they would. They would be more than a little angry!!!!


SO, why did their engineer NOT turn up to install my Infinity (after I had received 1 letter, 1 email and 2 phone calls
to ensure that I wouldn't forget they were coming)

AND why did they NOT contact me to say they weren't coming (even though their web site states that if there is 

a delay I will be notified?


Guess they don't really care about anyone other than taking money from us........


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Re: Infinity Engineer

I had the same issue today.


My installation was booked between 13:00 and 18:00 and nobody turned up and I had no calls. The online order tracking was down too when I tried to find out what was going on, so I called...


When I eventually got a call back about 20 mins later, the operator confirmed that I was booked in between 13:00 and 18:00 and he said he would need to check with OpenReach as to why I hadn't been visited. While on hold, I managed to get to the order tracking page, which now said my installtaion would occur on the 17th January! When the operator came back on, he said that they had had to change my delivery slot from 08:00 to 13:00 to the afternoon and that the engineer had to change his schedule to visit in the afternoon and had arrived at 16:46. I pointed out that my appointment had always been from 13:00 to 18:00 and that he had confirmed that himself before calling OpenReach: this was shrugged off. I also stated that there was no way that the engineer had attended at 16:46 and asked why he hadn't tried to call me if he allegedly got no answer. Calling apparently is against the process (weird for a communications company) and I was then asked if I had a brown door, as some attempt to prove that an engineer had attended.


I wasted a whole days holiday from work, to get messed around and lied to.


I was moving to BT as my current provider had been poor and I now think I may have moved to another company with equally poor service.


It now seems that I will have to wait another month before there is another "attempt" at my installation and another burnt holiday day from work. The best bit is that when I was online, it said my instaltaion date and time was 13:00 to 18:00 on the 17th January, but the operator insisted that my new slot is from 08:00 to 13:00 on that day. When I questioned the inconsistency, it was again shrugged off.


I'm really annoyed and sympathise with you for having to go through the same frustration as me today.  

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Re: Infinity Engineer

Just checked on line to see what is hapenning. This is the result:

"There is a delay to the provision of your Broadband order which we are currently investigation with our suppliers.
We will keep you informed of any progress, please keep checking online for further updates."

Doesn't say a great deal. Suppliers??? I'm waiting for an engineer!!!!
Not only that....they have changed my "Prefered Contact Details" ( 'phone numbers) to:
"log-in to view" I tried to change that back to my 'phone numbers and received a pop-up telling me
that I can't do that!!!!
Extremely helpful NOT.

Hope you have better luck with your instalation Barry. BT obviously don't care.....making you waste holiday time
- they should be made to refund your wages for the day. They don't keep their end of contract
(for that is what it is) but if you failed to keep your end they'd be on to you relentlessly. Two faced!!!!!

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Re: Infinity Engineer

I reported a fault Tuesday 4 Dec- Broadband light off on the BT Hub3-

New hub was sent- still did not work


Engineer booked for Friday 14 Dec- He did not turn up.


After a few phone calls - an urgent appointment was offered for Monday 17 Dec 8am to 1pm


Again no engineer-


Again I phoned the help line and was promised that the engineer is delayed but he will turn up later.



Around 5pm, I received a call that there will be no engineer- Reason  being lack of resources


However he promised me a call from the UK team within the next 24 hours.


Just today received a call from Openreach (who I know is part of BT)


They keep saying they are not aware what BT is telling me as they are Openreach  and are not BT.


They say they are not aware of yesterday's engineer booking.


and the rebooked visit is now scheduled for 31st Dec.


No apologies for the missed visits.


So I now start looking for alternative providers.


My children are already with Virgin Media and Sky TV have been offering me their services.


Seems to me BT is more concerned with acquiring new customers than keeping their long standing customers.


I have been with them for over 40 years.



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Re: Infinity Engineer

Hi Barrybrett, Kkents and CB57


Welcome to the forum.


Send me an email using the contact us form in my profile, you can find the link for this form in the section 'About me'


I can take a look at what is going on with these missed appointments for you.





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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I do not quite know where to start. We decided to change from a previous provider to get BT infinity broadband. This was scheduled tobe instaLled last Monday. The engineers did not turn up, and our land line was disconnected. So no 

Landline, no broadband at all. My husband is a GP and needs a landline for his work and I run asmall business from home sto also need it. 


I have probably spoken to at least two dozen customer services/ technical staff this week and must have spent a total of at least 6hours wie a telephone in my hand trying desperately to resolve this problem. I was promised that my case would be expediated, and that the infinity would be installed this week, but then was told that due to a technicality the whole order had to be cancelled and threprocess started again this week. 


I was contacted this morning to arrange a visit angive given the 31/12 as a date. Since we lost our broadband you have sent me a dongle, but I have now spoken to at least 4 technical staff to try to lead data onto this no avail. I was promised 400 mins to try togive me enough connectivity to get luck


I am nowawaiting for a call to set up another expediated appoint,ent, but to be frank having spoken to dozens of operatorstand received more apologies than I've had hot dinners, I have totally lost faith in yourreorganisation. It is not the call handlers fault. It is the organisation of the whole press which is making their job untenable.




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