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Complaint Closed Unresolved


At the end of 2020 I called to cancel broadband as it was such poor quality for us. BT persuaded me to try a new hub & disc. Our broadband has actually got worse. I called again tonight to be told I’d been out into a new 24 month contract! I called originally to cancel so certainly didn’t ask to be tied down for a further 2 years. This is blatant mis-selling. I logged a complaint earlier this evening by phone. A few minutes later I received an email saying my complaint was closed. I need this complaint open. Can anyone help please? Been hugely disappointed with treatment from BT over the past year. I’ve been a customer for a long time including 3 mobile contracts. Thanks. 

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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

Correction - I meant end of 2019

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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

Forgive me but what makes you think it's mis-selling? They should have gone through the t's & c's on the phone plus a confirmation would've been sent . You'd also have had 14 days to change your mind then too.

On the fault what has been done to try & fix it? Doubt they'll just let you cancel without trying to fix it first

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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

Hi. Thanks for your message. I genuinely can’t recall the 24 months part. I called that evening as I’d had enough so certainly wouldn’t have consciously agreed to another 2 years. The guy took many attempts to persuade me to even try the new hub & disc. My understanding it was one last attempt at a fix. An engineer is booked for 2 weeks time. I’m not expecting a fee free cancellation but would expect my contract expiry to be returned to what I originally had. Thanks again. 

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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

I see. That solution would be reasonable to me too. It doesn't seem right that the complaint was closed if nothing was resolved, however i'm certain they can be re-opened if required. Fingers crossed things get resolved for you

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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

It’s more than likely that any dispute about wether you agreed to a new minimum term can be resolved by BT listening to a recording of the call, I think if you also want a transcript there is a cost.

Was the equipment they sent out ‘free’, or substantially discounted from what it normally costs ?, there are no free lunches, if new equipment is included , generally it won’t be supplied for nothing, the price is usually a new minimum term if no money changes get the call listened to, you may need to re register your complaint.

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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

Hi @seang and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry there's been some confusion with your contract terms. I'm sure I'll be able to clear this up for you. I've sent you a private message so can you drop me a reply with the details and we'll take it from there.



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Re: Complaint Closed Unresolved

Hi. Thank you all for your responses & advice. Much appreciated. 

David - I’ll reply to your message. 

Thanks, Sean. 

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