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Complaint - Ripping off OAPs

Dear BT,


Please fix this stupid mess.


Account: xxxxxxxxxx

Name: Margaret xxxxxxxxxx


I am just off the phone to an agent regarding my grandmother's account, he admitted to me on the phone that BT were to blame for overcharging a 75 year old over the course of five months.


The agent was only happy to fix the incorrect monthly charge on the phone instantly, but only because I CALLED to find out what was going on.


Her monthly charge (excluding calls outwith the plan) totals at £27.50 but for the last five months she has paid £43.50 (£217.50!) all because of a few calls made outwith her plan in February.


It was very clear that she was on the wrong plan when I viewed her bills. Should you not suggest a better call plan to all customers instead of allowing people, in this case elderly, to pay over the odds for having the wrong plan?


The agent was quick to remind me that 'everything was okay because it places the account in credit after all', this may be the case, but, her credit only appears on quaterly bills and only then is the DD amended. What about the four or five months in between when she is out of pocket because your system will not update her charge automatically.


Please arrange compensation for the following:


1) Leaving a pensioner on the 'Evening and Weekend' call plan despite it being evident that she makes most calls during the day! (I had to call on her behalf to change her plan after months of expensive bills.)


2) Overcharging by direct debit because you will only amend a DD when a quaterly bill is generated. This leaves people out of pocket for four/five months.



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Re: Complaint - Ripping off OAPs

Hi Sean,

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for all the problems your grandmother has had with her BT account.

If you could send in her details one of us mods will be able to look into this for her. You can get our "Contact us" link by clicking on my username, it's under “About me" in my profile page.


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Re: Complaint - Ripping off OAPs

IMHO The OP has too high expectations.


I can assure you that my mother-in-law is on the correct contract due to my intervention and she is 82.


Perhaps the OP should have intervened sooner.


Can we expect all businesses to ensure that all customers are on the best possible deal? I doubt it. The result of any attempt to do this would only lead to prices rising and possibly everyone being worse off than today.

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Re: Complaint - Ripping off OAPs

Of course the other side of the coin is that BT sometimes do telephone to check your contract arrangements and then we often then have AP complaining about intrusive cold-calling/marketing.  Its a bit of a no-win really.


For my own part I just keep a weather eye on this sort of thing with older relatives, especially at contract renewal time.




As for example the famous "angry BT customer" clip on You Tube. [Its bleep free, but would never pass muster on this forum]. 

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