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Complaint Terrible service, BT seemingly cant move home or cancel a product!

Where do I begin with the BT service, here are some highlights:


  • 5 phone calls between 1 and 2 hours each = still no resolution
  • Requested a home move - failed
  • Tried to cancel the entire package - still trying
  • Have spoken with Abie, Chris, Robert, Tim from the customer options team, plus the customer options manager who's name escapes me = no help
  • Was promised a manager call back with 48 hours = still waiting
  • Quoted a different cost to cancel my package each time I speak to BT, shifting from £25.09 to £178, then £97.99
  • Literally called a liar and told I had accepted terms thus renewing 12 months line rental = maintained until I pointed out they record their calls, then the order was quickly cancelled
  • Given completely different information each time I speak to BT on the phone or via Live Chat = check
  • Informed on at least 3 occasions I had an active open order on my account which required closing before they could cancel my order, and that I should call back in 24 hours, only to find an active order remains = check
  • Speaking directly to the connections team to cancel the order myself, being passed back to the options team to be informed the order was STILL open = oh yes, check
  • Leaving a line enabled at my old address which I am technically responsible for paying for = yup, check (let's hope nobody plugs a line in and starts calling Australia)

I have to ask - what is the malfunction in BTs' customer services department which causes such mediocracy, inconsistency and pure shambolic dealings?


I'm awaiting the resolution of my complaint, with my absolute preference being outright cancellation and shifting to another provider. 


One too many headaches courtesy of BT...

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Re: Complaint Terrible service, BT seemingly cant move home or cancel a product!

Hi @Antse7en and thanks for posting.


I'm really sorry you've had so many problems with BT recently. I've checked the case notes and the least you should expect is a call back when promised so I've emailed the manager in question and have asked him to get in touch.





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Re: Complaint Terrible service, BT seemingly cant move home or cancel a product!

Thanks for the response, but I'm afraid rather predictably this still has not happened.


I'm sorry I'm not surprised.

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PART 2: Complaint Terrible service, BT seemingly cant move home or cancel a product!





My complaint was actually well handled, and I was able to exit the contract without penalty due to the above failings. 


Did I learn my lesson? Of course not.


I decided to take out a new BT package at my new address, and so the problems begin...


  • Website doesnt work - receive the same tired message for a coule of weeks (The details you've entered show that your local exchange is either not able to offer BT Total Broadband or is currently being upgraded. Please call us on 0800 672 476 for further information. Our advisors are available from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm Saturday and from 9am to 6pm on Sundays.)
  • Cue several calls to BT, who tell me to wait 24 hours, 48 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, etc etc (this lasts a few weeks)
  • I'm then told to place a seperate phone only order, as this would activate the line - which I do
  • The phone only approach makes no difference, and after activation it still doesn't work (same error message)
  • Today I speak to BT yet again, and I'm told to wait 24 hours
  • This time I say no, and advise them that should the service still not work tomorrow I'll be exiting my contract (it won't, and I will)

Why oh why are these simple things so difficult??



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Re: PART 2: Complaint Terrible service, BT seemingly cant move home or cancel a product!

Hi @Antse7en


Thanks for posting back and I'm sorry that you're having problems with your order.


I appreciate the amount of times you have called that number and that you're still no further forward.  We can pick this up for you and give you a hand from here.


We are busy at the moment so I just want to make you aware that it will take us a few days to get back to you.  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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