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Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

Just thought I'd get this off my chest, as I'm fed up with BT retail and now looking to switch.


Previously no issues with service.  My exchange implemented CN21 on 21st May.  Since then I've suffer from random disconnection.  The heavier the usage, the more frequent the disconnection.  Approx 3 - 25 per day.  

Both my wife and I work from home so it is pretty crucial to have a reliable connection for video/voice calls and vpn.


Intermittent disconnection occurs whether using HH 2.0b / HH 2.0a / Voyager 2500V.  I kept buying new routers just in case it was hardware issue.  Now have the 2.0b on as it is much light years faster in accessing admin menu than 2.0a for answers.....


Before CN21 I got about 5mb down / 446k up.  After CN21 it improved to about 11mb down 1.2mb up.  Happy days I thought, but then the disconnections and I now get about 0.5mb down 0.4mb up.....


I had some holidays and was working away for some weeks so I just got on with it when it dropped.  When it became too annoying I reported at start of august to received an appointment.  No engineer turns up.


Phone 08001114567.  They say I should have reported it to them instead as method I used is only for phone line problems, not broadband.  Actually the web pages are not that specific, otherwise I woudn't have reported in this way.  It says 'Phone and Broadband problems'....


The first engineer arrives.  Informs me that I haven't gone through last test of having adsl wired to test socket, and that, most likely problem will be in the exchange due to upgrade and that when many users log on its probably disconnecting me.


2nd engineer cannot find any issue with testing.  Changes master socket with an ADSL 2000 variety (separate port adsl / phone) just in case.  As he drives off I get another disconnection.


3rd engineer does not arrive.  No courtesey phone call to let me know, not handy when time is money.  After mentioning to 08001114567 on failed appointment that I did not got a confirmation call/text message confirming appointment like other times, they make another appointment.  Mention that sometimes disconnection happens when 'analog' home phone line is called or is rung out on.


4th engineer arrives.  Openreach phone directly to confirm appointment made.  Engineer cannot find any issue with testing.  Decides I needs master socket replacing just in case.  Informs me next action would be a 'lift and shift' at the exchange, to stop any fault with new hardware card at the exchange, and that wholesale have to be convinced this is necessary as hardware is 4x more expensive.


Via BT retail some more remote testing on the line.  Some thing may have been found. and connection is 're-built' with other 3rd party remote help desk.  From here on in, the line speed starts to drop down to a few times faster than dial up.  As it keeps re-syncing, it goes down to find a more stable speed.


5th engineer.  Same internal testing no errors found.  Confirms that connection and speed is the same at box at the end of the street as in my house. Outside property connection between street and property wiring also checked, and just in case a junction? is replaced.


More remote tests from BT retail remote confirm.  What?  Unknown... Unable to explain, other than we're doing some stuff. What Lift and shift is noted by BT retail as the next action.


6th engineer appointment made. As no confirmation received by text or phone, I call 08001114567 again so I don't waste my time with no engineer arriving like no.3.  BT retail says 'we'll get on to them to check why no confirmation'.  Couple of repeat follow up calls confirm that as no confirmation received, nobody will arrive.  Interesting that openreach engineer does arrive and leaves card saying sorry we missed you....


7th engineer appointment.  Helpdesk now says, you should not get a confirmation message, they just book it.  An engineer arrives.  He's a telephone engineer with no idea why he is there.  He does some testing and leaves.


8th engineer appointment. This engineer is from 'Operate' who only work for BT retail.  After 30 secs arrival armed with a new Home Hub, he admits he has no idea why he is here as he can see the ADSL 2000 face plate.  Nothing he can do.  Tells me that the next step is with BT Wholesale, and BT Wholesale do not visit properties.  They do their stuff in the exchange and will not need to visit, so no need to waste time staying around for an appointment.  After the wife gives him both barrels, making him squirm for 15 mins, who is the chief executive to complain to etc, he leaves, with a firm commitment that I will be contacted within 48 hours.  This was last thursday lunchtime and its now monday evening.  No phone call received....


New phenomenon since saturday I now also start to lose dial tone on 'analog' home phone line and cannot make call until router is reset or somebody calls me?? At the same time Broadband Talk VOIP phone line can still work.???


Ring BT retail.  Adamant on the phone that I need to speak to a supervisor, I want to make a compaint, I want to talk to somebody who can make decision. Eventually baffles the helpdesk, as the discussion goes off piste from the pre defined script.  Perhaps script runs out.  Agrees for supervisor to ring me back in a couple of hours.


Supervisor rings back within couple of hours.  Brilliant.  No predefined script.  Will follow up asap on both why nothing has happened, and also on potential PSTN phone issue.  30 mins later he rings back and says there is a fault with my phone line, phone line needs to be fixed, and consequently the broadband will hopefully then resolve itself.  I'm patched through to a local call centre 0800 800 151.  Sir there is a fault on your line, it has been reported to the exchange, they have to get back to you within 3 days, here is an email, here is a sms, showing how you can track the fault.


That's the theory.... hopefully by Thursday I have a reliable connection again.


I understand it can be a tricky situation finding out where there is an issue on an intermittent fault, it could be anywhere as you can't trace. What is unacceptable though, is that you have to start understanding somebody else's business to get things done.  I should not need to understand relationship between BT retail / Operate / Openreach / Wholesale to get things moving.  How can BT retail have a system where they cannot appropriately book appointments, and cannot see in other systems to see if something is booked.  It's a massive waste of my time when nothing happens.  I dread having to go through the call centre front line support, mostly it's a painful experience with polite people on scripts thanking me ever so much again and again.  All the engineers arriving seem to hate the system.  They have no knowledge of previous engineer visits and vice versa with BT retail.


Will it be any better elsewhere,  I know there are limitations of the system that has been created, but the grass seems very green elsewhere.


I should add it took me 6 weeks to join BTBB in 2005! Countless help desk phonecalls, to eventually uncover stupid clerical error....

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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

Will it be any better elsewhere



Elsewhere will still use the same lines and BT may  still have to fix them you may find elsewhere and BT play pingpong with you as the ball as they did with me many moons past

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

Hi ifonlyitworked,


I am really sorry that you have had so much trouble getting this fixed.  I can imagine how frustrating this must be after so may engineer visits.


It makes sense that there is a problem with the line itself if so many broadband engineers have called out and not found a problem.  Let us know how you gt on with the next visit and if you are still having problem after this drop me an email to the address in my profile with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread and I can get things moving in the right direction.





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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

OK.  Well some good news finally.  PSTN engineers reported that there was a fault on the street.  Engineer spent the afternoon in the street and reported back that he had replaced a piece of bad cable on the street between our house and the cabinet.  I've seen so many Openreach vans on our street TW11 8SL in the last month, that perhaps others have had the same issue and a correlation was finally made?  In any case, don't think I've had a disconnection since the engineer replaced the cable.


After 8 days, line speed has not increased yet.  Have not risked restarting the homehub to see if this upgrades itself.  Anyone any idea, how long would be reasonable to wait before taking some sort of action?  Either re-starting hub, or phoning helpdesk.  Stats for the line below.


Connection Information
Line stateConnected
Connection time8 days, 08:10:20
Downstream1,144 Kbps
Upstream444 Kbps
ADSL Settings
ModulationG.992.5 Annex A
Latency typeInterleaved
Noise margin (Down/Up)29.9 dB / 27.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up)33.9 dB / 16.2 dB
Output power (Down/Up)6.8 dBm / 1.7 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local/Remote)0 / 0
Loss of Signal (Local/Remote)0 / 0
Loss of Power (Local/Remote)0 / 0
FEC Errors (Down/Up)93 / 58627
CRC Errors (Down/Up)0 / -1462239232
HEC Errors (Down/Up)0 / 0
Error Seconds (Local/Remote)0 / 2094530785
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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

I truly feel sorry for you, I myself over the last two weeks have experienced the same problems


Twice no engineers called, and twice I have had engineers call and verify there is no fault in the home

like months previous, it's all been outside, I had lift and shift, Bas reset, exchange server and basically had so many questions from various people whio obviously have no understanding of what their engineers are telling them im basically on verge of a nervous breakdown after all the rubbish I have had from BT


Where am i now.... exactly where I was weeks ago except back then I had a whopping 356kb of speed and now i have no broadband signal whatsoever. and not had for last 7 hours

and this since their nice engineer visited about 8.30am yesterday morning who tested out all the same things and said exactly the same things as the Engineer who visited a week ago on friday (at least that one turned up)


I get phone calls on my mobile asking if broadband working ... yeah darn nice but not so nice when im at work or shopping and get the normal hang on 2 minutes, I have cancelled appointsments for no shows from engineers on two occassions, and your fed up if only itonlyitworked is a lot less than I am feeling


I feel I have no option now but to change providers as BT do not know what they are doing

and to be honest sad to leave BT after 27years but will have to to save my sanity

I personally would have left them years ago after various phone faults and disconnections and the same old **bleep** and in every case it has been a exchange or BT external error yet we have to suffer

and we only stayed with them due to my wife but even she has reached the stage where she has had enough also.

The biggest laugh of all was last Monday I spoke to accounts who offered me some a reduced rate to stay with BT broadnad for another 12months but i explained I could not agree to stay when I have no no **bleep** broadband... and he agreed and said he would put the reduced rate on my note then transferred me to the help desk which i was dreading.... well I was assured they would have this resolved by yesterday, So a engineer called and yip same old story and a bas reset.... we had some broadband but slow andtold it would speed up in 24hours... I felt confident so I phoned accounts to talk about reduced offer but lo and behold

typical BT no notes were put on account but they did have record of me speaking to accounts and how long and then them transferring me to help.... oh I found this astounishing

well today up till lunchtime brodband slow still and then after speaking to technical who came via remote access to pc and later find I have no broadband connection.... BT a total joke


I myself have a Virgin cable broadband hence why im able to write this reply

The only reason we got BT was for oldest sons Xbox/youngest sons school work and to have peace

and they have their own broadband

Boy peace is not something I am getting now and it's all down to BT


I am dreading the next phone call from them it's be the same questions and try this and that

The reason engineers dont turn up I think is because of a useless bunch of people have them running about to too many jobs testing the same things and they obviously cannot read notes left from engineers who call out and test out the same things needlessly.... ONCE should be enough and when a engineers actually phones and says the exchange has slow fault and he writes his report why the **bleep** does if take them to send out another engineer (who may or may not show) to do exactly the same.... I do not know why you survived 8 engineers appointments The stress of have four has worn me out, And i have the dread of knowing I will get a phone call tomorrow.

I must admit they are very polite but their understanding of things is terrible. they need reading lessons before contacting customers.

They also have to unsderstand that When a engineers runs his equipment in people homes and the tests show there is no fault in the home that there is no need to have to send out another engineer.

Just get the external fault fixed








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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

@  ifonlyitworked


OMG, your stats are BAD..error seconds on the upstream are insane!!! and look at your SNR of 29.9db 😞 😞

(I highly suspect a serious fault on your line)


Ignore the leaving your router on rubbish BT tell you, the DSLAM sync only takes 72hrs to stable


Reset your router (preferably after midnight) and then check your stats tomorrow morning

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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

Well 8 hours on and still no broadband, I forgot to mention the hours and hours of time that I spent on my mobile in return calls from BT which I can only assume is their way of not showing records time from my landline


A total shambles, Can anybody recommend a good company who can provide unlimited and be able to keep the same phone number ?


Oh as far as unlimited goes I also checked in case it was a cap my sons usage was just over 1gb this months

and last month was 15GB and nowhere near their fair usage I am at wits end with this bunch of incompetent people

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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

Hi coppola


Is it normal human nature to feel better when somebody is worse off than yourself?  I thank you for your reply, and feel better in the fact that your problem appears worse than mine.  Even when my problem was disconnecting every minute or so, I had broadband connection in between which sounds better than your service....  I see the future, the future is 2 broadband connections like yourself just in case..... Apart from I can't afford that right now!!!!


Status update.


I reset my connection after a week, and it jumped up to 7mb download.  I've had to start commuting to work every day, as I can't take a chance on random disconnections.  Altogether not too much use on my line these days, but according to stats below


Anyway.  Its all about quality.  Who needs dropped calls or vpn whilst trying to work.  I would live with slower but more stable.  It seems I get disconnected every couple of days now which is a big improvement on before.  Line now states figures below it is a 10mb.


Do you think this is the best I can achieve with BT?


Most likely I will now transfer to a Fibre optic solution with a competitor in December.



ADSL line status
Connection Information
Line stateConnected
Connection time2 days, 11:14:34
Downstream10,423 Kbps
Upstream1,155 Kbps
ADSL Settings
ModulationG.992.5 Annex A
Latency typeInterleaved
Noise margin (Down/Up)14.4 dB / 5.7 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up)33.8 dB / 16.0 dB
Output power (Down/Up)15.3 dBm / 1.7 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local/Remote)0 / 0
Loss of Signal (Local/Remote)0 / 0
Loss of Power (Local/Remote)0 / 0
FEC Errors (Down/Up)0 / 0
CRC Errors (Down/Up)1797 / 0
HEC Errors (Down/Up)3705 / 0
Error Seconds (Local/Remote)1560 / 0


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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

re: original post --


BT will ignore complaints -- I have had multiple complaints logged since january


they totally ignore complaints -- the only way to get any service is either 


#1 through the county court

#2 kick up a stink online until it embarasses BT Into doing something about it


BT knows that people complain if they already have a service because they feel they have been ripped off (account issues etc)


The corporation knows that the more complaints they service the more money is lost.  So therefore they completely ignore complaints.


People should know exactly what they are getting into in dealing with this company.   

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Re: Complaint over poor customer service - Broadband disconnections.

Well it's now 23rd October and still I getting practically nothing after hours of phone calls

I have let them send another engineer to my home who is supplosed to turn up within the next 3 hours

(just had a phone call he will arrive in 20 minutes)

this has been going on now since 27th September and i've almost gave up the will to live


after a phonecall last sunday and the stupid technical person telling me case was closed I allmost blew my top it turns out only closed at one of the departments they passed fault details to and had to ressurrect it

(I asked for manager to call me after gettting....that never happened)

I was then phoned 7 hours later by some other incompetant person and on phone call asked them what has been done in last 7 hours and got a reply of nothing....just a phone call to see if anything improved well that made me even angrier how the **bleep** could something get netter if nothing been happening

they said they would call me next day but I said please make it tuesday as it was my birthday

BT phone me early morning of my birthday ignoring my request.... which ruined my day when wife told me they had phoned So I phoned accounts... who would pass me through and request a manager but they could not get through, so i had to call back after a while waiting on hold the line went dead


No word from BT although they had my mobile number until I phone on wednesday/thursday/friday phonecalls

gave in and let them send another engineer .... who knows when the end will be in sight


but i sugguest not going with BT for fibre optic... it's new and they cant even **bleep** fix their old

have you thought all this could be a excuse to get people to buy their new system as surely nobody are impoetant as what they are



yes ifonlyitworked i appear to be in a worse situation and certainly no end is in sight


I do recomment virgin cable I have not had any problems with them but that is my broadband

the family need theirs and sadly it BT and regardless of my thoughts of them changing the sad thing is

the fault will still be in incompetant BTs hands as they run the exchanges etc getting another provider just brings

another person to call before they send engineer then they go to BT as they manage the lines.... a no **bleep** win situation.... A great pity Virgin cannot provide more than one cable box to home.


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