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Complaints Process And Customer Service

I placed my move request with BT on the 31 July (I wasnt tied in a contract with BT at the time)


I was told that I will stay on the same Exchange as I was only moving half a mile and infact closer to the exchange.


I was told I couldnt have fibre as it was probably too many people on that exchange (even though Im not moving off that exchange so surely I can keep the same port im using at the exchane?


I asked them to find out the exact reason and they promised to call me back (never called me back)


7 phone calls later with each person agreeing to find out and let me know and not a single call back


as I desperately needed by broadband for my son who was about to start secondary school I placed my order


My order was placed and I was given a date of the 20th August for the line to be setup and broadband to be switched on (teh apartment has a line it just needs someone from BT to put the front port on and wire in at teh PABX board in Reception I believe) but they said once the order was placed i should wait a couple of days then call back to ask for an earlier appointment.


then I received a message to say teh order had been cancelled and I need to wait 3 days


I waited 3 days and did as requested and placed the order again (I had asked why 3 days and was told that they had to wait 3 days then cancel the order (which made no sense to me as they were telling me the order had already been cancelled)


I again after a few days was told the order had been called and I had to wait 3 days and place the order again


I waited 3 days and did as requested and placed the order again (I had asked why 3 days and was told that they had to wait 3 days then cancel the order (which made no sense to me as they were telling me the order had already been cancelled)


I did this and was told that would call me back, and after several phone calls I gave up as it had taken hours of my time.


I was then told the date had changed to the 28th and I said OK as I was too busy with work to argue so I booked off the afternoon off and I waited from 12pm until 6:15pm sat by the window as its not the easiest apartment to find


then called to find out where my engineer was and was told to hold then cut off

I called again and I was told the engineer had been delayed and would arrive shortly, I asked what time and was told they would call me back and as they were takingmy number they cut me off.

I called again and was cut off again

I called again and was told there had been a problem at the exchange the previous few days so I asked why had nobody called me to let me know as I had lost half a day and was cut off

I called back and was told the engineer was on his way, I explained what I had previously been told and was cut off

I called again and explained that I had taken a day off and needed to know what time the engineer would arrive and was told the exchange had had problems and would need to reschedule


frustrated I asked for a complain to be raised and was promised a call back


I have called back like every day and have been promised call backs by 11am then by 6pm and then by 8pm (its weird as the times given were in the same pattern every day) and nobody ever called me back and I kept trying then was told the order had been cancelled and I would have to wait 3 days and then place the order again.


I waited 3 days and did as requested and placed the order again (I had asked why 3 days and was told that they had to wait 3 days then cancel the order (which made no sense to me as they were telling me the order had already been cancelled)


I was given a temp date of the 16th September but was told open reach had said as it was their fault they would get it done within a few days from me placing the order


I got a call from BT complaints to say that they would be offering me teh 9th September and I said I was out of town so they agreed teh 10th, So I asked them to call me in a few minutes as I needed to see if I could leave the key with teh site manager at teh apartment


I was surpised to get a call again to confirm and I said yes that is fine so we agreed 10th September slot 1 to 6 but he had been able to confirm teh engineer will be doing mine first so that I didnt have to take a whoel afternoon off work as I have no leave available as Ive used it all up


I was happy at last, well as happy as I could be having no leave left


2 hours later I recieved a text to say my date had been changed to teh 22nd September


I called again to say I wasnt happy and was told I cant do anything, they said even if I went to another providor I woudlnt get openreach to agree an earlier date


several phone call later and various people agreeing to call me


no call backs since


I visited Virgin store and they are looking into it to see if I can get my line through them. but is there anything I can do as I have lost my leave, my son and daughter education is suffering as im having to go to hotels and pay through the nose to access broadband and thats so slow, I have been messed around and I am convinced that I could get Fibre and some of the customer service reps agree as its on the same exchange and its a new build property on the site where there were offices etc


and they are treating me like a child with different excuses and different reasons and promisesd that are never kept.


if i had known getting the 10th would mean i would be moved to the 22nd then i would have stuck with the 16th.


and if I had known that BT treated customers like this I woudlnt have had my broadband with BT for that last 14 years (yep I was an original customer from teh days when an engineer had to install the broadband etc)


I am really hoping Virgin and provide me a line as I have never been treated this badly by a providor and ok my ordder needed to be cancelled but 3 or four times? really? why?


Anything anyone can advise before I take to twitter, watchdog, ofcom, oftel and anyone else that will listen?


Disclaimer and Note : This information is as accurate as I can remember as I didnt note everything as I didnt expect to be treated like this so is from my memory mostly.

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Re: Complaints Process And Customer Service

Flagged for order team.

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Re: Complaints Process And Customer Service

Take a moment to read thru other posts on this forum! You will soon discover there is a common theme! BT are, disingenuous, misleading, incompetent and ultimately disgraceful when it comes to customer service. They need to be exposed for what they are and the fraud they are committing! Many of their Advisors/Agents and managers must have little or no conscience when it comes to dishonesty and deceit.

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Re: Complaints Process And Customer Service

Hi Aash1970,


I am really sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your order.


I've dropped you a private message, which includes the link to our order team. You can chat with them online.  This order team is based in the UK and will own your complaint until everything is sorted out.


Should you have any further problems after speaking with this team please let us know.







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Re: Complaints Process And Customer Service

Hi LC,


I wish I could say that Im glad its not just me, but I cant, nobody should be treated this way!, the customer services team, the complaints team, the order management team? I would say I have spoken to all three in a total of over 20 times, Ive probably been cut off nearly half those times and I doubt by accident but because I wasnt shouting but I was refusing to get off the line until someone escalated it. I have spoken with floor managers in each team, I have been promised over 20 call backs, I requested to keep my phone number and move my package (which I repeat wasnt in contract so I didnt have to) to my new apartment but it seems in that time I have had nothing but rudeness where people dont listen, or they interupt and repeat a script or their tone of voice is so rude it makes your blood boil and I am not the type to lose my cool, I too have worked in IT call centrers and believe me if anyone spoke to anyone like that or was that unhelpful they would be in for a diciplinary.


admittedly the UK side were a little less rude and sounded sympthetic but even one lady with a northern accent was rude and spoke to me as if i was something on the bottom of her shoe, and UK order management have been helpful


but the india side? you ask to speak top managers and they are never available and when promised they will call you they never do. if this is not sorted soon as I stated I will be copying in pasting my full story into an email to anyone and everyone I can think of


you know one person who stands out was a lady I asked to help me from the billing department, she listened didnt interupt and went way out of her way to help and if I can find her name I thibnk she deserves a payrise compared to the others and should be used as an example of how to service customers.


My son has started secondary school and this situation has me upset and fuming, my son is the most amazing person is my life, I have moved to the flat becauise of pending divorce as my wife has been with my ex neighbour who know how long, the point being this has riocked my worlsd and not to mention turning my kids worlds inside out and upside down.


seriously I dont lose my rag but this is personal, I mean delete my order by accident ok it happens, delete it twice and they should be bending over backwards , three times and it is personal and I am pretty sure this is four times and that is beyond personal.


How can you call book at date then not turn up, then a week later call book another date and say dont worry we will give an earlier date this is just temp date then call me and agree a date and have me confirm it and they speak with order management and open reach times while im on hold and say yep everyone agrees and then not just change the date but make it later than the temp date? how does that even make sense?


They wont even give me a knowledgeable answer as tio why IO cant have Fiber? I offered to pay extra to have a Fibre line fitted to my apartment and they refused to do that?


by teh time this is resolved I will have lost at least one day of work at 200 per day as its an emergency booking as I am out of leave allowance plus all teh grief to me and my kids and driving to get internet. I even bought a EE 3G dongle adn bought 16GB of data which EE say I used up in 24 hours (i didnt download anything and my son only used it to look up hoem work stuff) arrrrggghhhh


BT if you read this I dont knwo how top read private messages, just call me please I just want this sorted

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Re: Complaints Process And Customer Service

@Aash1970 wrote:


BT if you read this I dont knwo how top read private messages, just call me please I just want this sorted

This link


Read the message posted by BT, and use the link provided to talk to the UK order team. BT cannot call you as they do not know who you are.


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