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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Well, if that's the case then it's BT surpressing free speech. Nothing I said was racist, that's not the issue. It's purely one of communication. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what BT aim for?

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Sorry to hear about your troubles, I think were all in the same boat, my experience is very similar to your own.

The latest i have been informed is that you only get Infinity speeds if you have a 10 metre cable from your hub to your tv or laptop. Ridiculous! my wife and I are both 70 imagine the risk of having a trailing cable! Not disclosed at time of purchase or installation by BT engineer who installed via wirelees. A trailing calbe would never be allowed in a workplace unxder Health and Safety regulations. This is the reason they will give for poor speed, they will not discuss onless hard wired, whoever heard of a hard wired laptop!

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I don't know if I'm happy or sad to hear that my situation is probably the norm and lots of people suffer from really bad service.
the really bad thing is that all the while I've being paying for this.

My tale of woe -
moved house last July, decided to take BT with me. without a doubt the worst mistake I have made in my entire life.
got given a date for transfer of service, failed to meet that date, I phoned to enquire and couldn't get a new estimated date. should have sacked it off there and then, but........
3days later, phone and broadband working.
month later phone noise and broadband slow, phone tech support they tell me there's nothing wrong.
get escalated to level 2, they tell me there's nothing wrong with the line. even though wired internet delivers 0.8mb
agree to have an engineer out
engineer fails to turn up as not been booked correctly in system.
arrange another engineer visit
engineer fails to turn up on day, I only find out by phoning at 5pm to be told he was never going to come
get assigned a case manager, who books another engineer visit
engineer fails to show (what exactly the Case Manager manages I do not know)
another engineer appointment, this time shows up to box round corner and I get the feedback that there's faults logged on the line. Engineer can't fix it
another engineer does something in box, not fixed
another engineer does something at the exchange (incompatible equipment I'm told)
still not right, so I get engineer to house to fit a new main socket. this is about October time

since then I get sporadic drop outs, when I phone level 1 I get told no fault on line
then a support tech up's my throughout
get sent a new homehub3

still drops out.

I despair, can't quit cos they'll charge me £180.

latest tech support promises to ring me back on my landline at 6:30 pm (I wanted to make sure I was at home and after work) yet I get a call on my mobile at 5:30pm. seriously, how can these people fix my fault if they can't manage a simple task.

to date I've lost 3 days pay, spent nearly 16hrs on the phone/on hold/being transferred and cut-off and it's still not fixed.

I'm paying for this, it's worse than not good enough, it's an absolute farce

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I'm unsure why you have posted this on the end of an old thread - the last post was August 2013.
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Having suffered with Broadband issues for nearly 5 weeks now I turned to this forum to find out if others have had similar issues - the answer is yes!  As a major communictions provider I must say that having suffered nearly one call a day from BT administrators in India and numerous explainations to them in an attempt to have BT understand that my Broadband in not working properly.  I now find it unbelievable that they are now trying to conclude my complaint without carrying out any repairs or offering new equipment!  What sort of service quality do BT think they are offering?  I can tell you - extremely poor.  Basically they do not give a **bleep**!


We repeatedly get how good BT's infinity really is from their tv advertisement, we are told that 9 out of 10 people would recomend BT as a service provider, who do they think they are kidding?  The service stinks but nobody at BT really cares!


I look forward to hearing from others in the same situation.




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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I have been a customer of BT since 1980, but after a recent house move in November, I have had TERRIBLE experience of BT. It is so hard to get hold of someone, and then get them to sort out problems. The automated call handling is hopeless, ending up a loop that you have to hang up, and start again. Or you get put on hold...

The only way to get decent response is via chat - NEVER call, it will drive you mad!

BT sorry, but your service is ATROCIOUS.


Unfortunately there is no alternative, as BT is a monopoly - so even going to SKY etc you will need a BT.


I would dump BT tomorrow, in a hearbeat!


Avoid if you can...

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Totally agree!

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Ordered BT broadband on 23th of September 2015. The line was activated on 7th of October, but a very professional BT employee who was dealing with my order forgot to include the HUB. Tried to reorder it three times, but faced problems...again.

Despite BT's "we'll make sure that your HUB will be delivered with 2 working days", I need to wait for another week. I'm afraid of starting using the broadband itself expecting even more problems!

Failed to provide their service properly, couldn't sort this issue properly, want to charge me for THEIR AWFUL SERVICE.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Four and a half years later and they are still awful - here's my experience:


Summary of my BT experience:

1. I ordered fibre for my new home and specifically chose for the engineer to come round - they cancelled the engineer without telling me so I am left waiting for him at home like a mug having taken a day off work for it.
2. They tried to deny that the engineer was booked in the first place then they denied it was a free offer on the 78MB/S fibre so they clearly don't know their online customer e-commerce experience.
3. I was passed between 4 different advisors 5 or 6 times each claiming I needed to speak to someone else before someone finally decided to take responsibility.
4. They offered a convoluted solution which involved me paying £130 for the engineer and then phoning them again to claim it should be free (unprofessional) wasting another day of my life and a potential dispute over the cost of the engineer.
5. The presale broadband estimated speed was D/L 60M/Bs it is 50MB/s (hugely off and misleading). THIS speed estimate and the free engineer socket replacement was THE reason I chose BT.

My advice: Go with Sky if you possibly can over BT - their (BT) customer service is absolutely horrific and I hope I will never have to phone them again when the contract is up next year I will definitely be switching to someone else.

Detailed experience:

I wanted to go with Sky as I had heard only good things about their overall service and flexibility but apparently being the responsible suppliers they are, they did not have any more fibre deals available for my exchange as they keep the numbers reasonable to reduce the contention ratio and thereby provide a better service during peak times to the sum of their customers.

From the remaining suppliers I opted for BT despite the fact that I had received a number of warnings about BT broadband from friends and even my wife as well as reading reviews, but I never expected it to be this bad only a few days days into my service.

I ordered the service online on 06/11/2015 for my new home. This was for the 78/19MB/s fibre service including phone line. In the ordering process I was presented with an option to book an engineer at no extra cost (£50 for lesser deals) or self install the service. I chose for the engineer to come around because it included him/her replacing the phone socket to a more suitable location.

The phone line was activated on 09/11/2015
The fibre was activated on 18/11/2015
The engineer was booked for 20/11/2015

So here I am, taking a day off work, on the 20th sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for the engineer to come. At around 1pm I got a little concerned and checked up on my order online and noted that the engineer appointment had magically disappeared. So I phoned BT and was fobbed off to one department after another and back again. They claimed that the engineer was not necessary but then I explained that it was part of the deal that I bought so eventually after an hour or more on the line, they offer to send an engineer but to charge me £130 for it!!!

They said that they will charge but then I phone them back and tell them that it was supposed to be free (not very professional at all) and to get the amount credited to my account. I asked them to send an email to confirm that this would happen but the advisor refused and said she would put a note on my account for when I called. I acquiesced to this. I asked when the engineer would come and I was given a date of 1st of Dec which coupled with the ordeal of having to phone them again put me off completely and I told them to forget it and I would hire an engineer myself which I have done at a cost of £120 and minus the hassle and ordeal of having to deal with BT customer services.

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