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Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Two weeks ago I called your customer service centre to enquire about terminating my BT Broadband Service due to slow speeds and intermit ant service.

During this call I was told about BT Infinity High Speed Broadband and that after testing the BT line to my property this service would deliver speeds of QUOTE: '33.8MBPS Download 2MBPS Upload'.

I also enquired about BT Vision, and during my enquiry I specifically asked if it turned out to be something I did not want that I could terminate the service. The BT team member told me that within the first week from activation I could terminate the service at no cost providing I returned all of the hardware provided for the service.
I subsequently agreed to sign up to both BT Infinity and BT Vision services.

The BT Infinity is live at my home and sadly the average speeds achieved has averaged at 0.93Mbps Download and 1.28Mbps Upload. These tests have been carried out on seven occasions ranging from morning (07:30-10.30), afternoon (12:30-16:30) and evening (20:00-01:00). The poor speeds are not due to peak demand usage. The speed tests were taken on the website suggested by the BT Engineer who installed the service.

I am not happy with the very low speeds being achieved by your 'High Speed' broadband service. If the speeds quoted at the time of order cannot be achieved I do not to wish to continue with the service.

The BT Vision was installed on the same day of the BT Infinity service. My first observation after the correct setup procedure was followed - was that the user interface (the on screen menu and pages) is very low quality. It is slow and not simple to navigate. It delivers a very poor picture quality on a brand new Sony Bravia LED television - much worse than the standard Freeview installed on the television. I did not like the usability of it at all.

When I tried to use the 'On-Demand' services for which I had fully subscribed, these did not work. When I called BT customer service for help I was bounced around from one person to another (this was not only frustrating in itself, but more so because the people you employ to help your customers don't have sufficient grasp of the English language to listen, understand and respond appropriately. There was nothing 'British' about my experience with your customer service when seeking help.)

I ended my call for help, without the problem fixed and without any understanding of what the problem was. This is appalling customer service from a market leader.

Continuing to use the BT Vision Freeview services became an impossibility due to the sound and vision being out of sync. The sound coming through the sound system was lagging the images on the screen. I have various systems connected through the sound system, none of them have this problem. I am fully competent to connect any home entertainment system and this is a problem with the BT Vision box - not my established, functioning, non-faulty equipment.

Frustrated, I called BT customer service to cancel my BT Vision service. To my shock I was told that to cancel my service it would cost me £244. Which is nonsense and contrary to the information given to me by BT at the time of order.
Explaining the verbal terms under which I agreed to order the BT Vision, the BT team member then told that if I returned the BT Vision hardware, it would still cost me £44 in administration fees to cancel. Really BT? Is this a the case or is this more bad information passed to a customer from yet another BT team member who lacks the require competence to fulfil their job specification? Or does BT really feel that £44 is a fair and appropriate administration fee? Regardless of the situation - if I was told about the cancelation fees being as high as they are, I would not have placed the order. I am not happy and feel that I have been mislead.

I was told by the BT team member during my last call to cancel the BT Vision service that she could not cancel it at that time due to the 'case' being 'open', and that she would call me the following day to confirm details of the cancelation. This was on Friday last week and I am still awaiting the call.

I am not happy to pay a cancelation fee for a service that I am not happy with, under performs, and that I have given notice of my dissatisfaction of to your team at the earliest opportunity I could.

Your customer service call centres are a disgrace to your brand and a direct insult to your paying customers whom, once locked into a contracts with you - have to suffer.

The BT Vision hardware is boxed in its original packaging and awaiting return upon confirmation of cancelation and notification of return address.

The BT Infinity remains a poor service with less than acceptable 'High-Speed' performance.
Today - I get a call from a less than helpful chap who told me that on listening to the call when I placed my order - i did not ask about terminating the Vision service if I am not happy with it and that no mention was made by the BT Team Member - TOTAL AND UTTER LIES.

I am now awaiting a further, investigation by BT to resolve the issue. 

Oh - and if I want to listen to the order call that I placed - I have to pay for the previllage! Pathetic BT! Such a disgrace!
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Hi mheill,


I am really sorry that you have had so many problems right at the beginning of your BT service.  I know this must be annoying and I will be happy to give you a hand with this and get everything sorted out.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.


I'll make sure we get your services working the way they should.



BTCare Community Mod

If we have asked you to email us with your details, please make sure you are logged in to the forum, otherwise you will not be able to see our ‘Contact Us’ link within our profiles.

We are sorry but we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account :-)”
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I have had a very similar problem. And today I waited in for 5 hours and an engineer still didn't turn up. I have wasted (and still am wasting) so much time phoning them and waiting in for them when, if BT had any decency, they would simply take away my unworking/unreliable box (since June!) and refund my money. Any small company would have done this and would have no customers left if they behaved the way BT do. I am appalled.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

if you explained what box you are referring to then someone may be able to help you further
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

DON't get me started. I made the fateful decision to transfer my Broadband from Plusnet to BT just before Christmas. THE WORST decision I have ever made and without doubt the worst customer service I have experienced for any product ever. BT accepted my order and after missing several appointments installed Infinity at my house. Great - it worked. 60Meg speed - everyone happy. Then the cut me off after 2 weeks. I complain. They say I am still with plusnet. I say - er - no - you came to my house and fitted Infinity. They then take a week to look in to it. They then tell me I CANT have fibre where I live. I tell them - er - no - I had it and you took it away. They say no - you never had it. I complain. They invstigate. They then phone and say 'sorry - we made a mistake - you can have it. I book an appointment for the guy to come again. They then phone again and say 'sorry - you can't have it in you area. I say Sky will give it to me and you were providing it until you cut me off. They say - we'll check...............again........... I say YOU'VE CHECKED ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And so my message people is sign up to BT - they'll come round and disconnect you existing broadband............then disappear and leave you with NOTHING. A MONTH after I signed up they have not provided me with my service - have disconnected me from plusnet and CANNOT TELL ME when I will get re-connected. Hours and hours on the phone to India, the Special Order Unit,  and still no product. Utterly hopeless. Incompetent.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

This is what happens when everything gets outsourced to the 3rd world 😞
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Sadly Ray the UK call centres have proved to be just as incompetent as those in India. Nice people (most of them) but haven't a clue what's actually going on on the ground. I blame the managers. I run a business and I would be ashamed if I was in charge of the customer service at BT it's a disgrace. They have set up an organisational structure that simply cannot deliver what the fance TV ads promise.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

horrific story


contact the forum mods who will help get the problem fixed 

contact mods

can take up to 3 working days for mods to contact you

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I had Sky ADSL but placed an order for Infinity and an engineer should have visited on Tuesday but on the day BT simply cut off my phone and internet without ever showing up for the appointment and nobody bothered to contact me. After 4 hours I called to ask what was happening and my phone line was activated soon after but I was told the Infinity install was delayed and I am now on my 5th day at home with no broadband. 


Following numerous phone calls BT wanted to give me an install date for the 1st of February but after a lot more complaining I managed to get that brought forward to Monday the 21st and I just have to hope it goes smoothly but it's true that calling 150 can be a fairly exasperating experience. The worst part is that you are told different versions of events and nobody can ever offer a quick solution, even though it was BTs fault. I'll be furious if doesn't all go smoothly on Monday. 

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Have you checked your order online?

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