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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

be careful with the forum admins on here mate you have to email them 4 days later they ring you try fix problem but if they cant fix it they just lie makes things worse leave you in the **bleep** blank your emails etc be careful mate 

im in process of writing complaints letter to bt bout these goons dont think nothing will be done tho 

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

Simple answer.... Because the Help Desk's are manned by staff who have an accent I can't understand and they can't understand me.  When is BT (and other UK companies) going to learn the lesson and bring their Customer Services back to the UK?

If you complain, you run the risk of being labeled a racist..... That is NOT the issue!!!!


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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I suggest you read through some of the forum posts and you will see the high success rate of problem solving the Forum Mods have
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

In agree with john46. Also email the chief exec with your issue and he will sort it. He sorted my issue last time with one email. This time i am happy to let the mods looks into it.
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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

@ray_dorset wrote:

bmiguels wrote: 
I never contact them and even here i not look for any help, cause i know im not the only one, and i just have to wait 2 more months.



If you wanted help, you would have to start by getting your IP profile. That speedtest you posted proves nothing.


I post here just to show my disapointment with the service provided. Never to prove nothing. I dont know how the service works in uk, but here, in DUNGANNON, co TYRONE, NI, its bad for all people, not just for me. 
And i think that probably is the time for BT check whats going wrong.


Probably BT has a lot of complains, but people like me never complain or just do it 10 months after..

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

@bmiguels The mods are based in NI, so they should be in a particularly good position to help.  Probably worth contacting them even though they are busy; it may be that all they can do is to explain why things are bad in NI but they may well be able to get something fixed without your waiting two months.  


mods at: . But be aware they take 3 working days to reply: sometimes more if busy; but they have a good record of getting things solved once they are on the case.



p.s. You are in the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), just not in GB.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

1 Their pursuit for more Profit/Greed like most UK Companies! They have employed people that they would have to pay a quarter of the price of some one in the UK.


2 No technical knowledge is needed just a Script and make sure they follow it to the letter that means do not advance to step 6 from step 1


3 Try finding or complaining about the person you spoke to well they are in another country, there name is John,Jill or what ever the flavour of the month is!


4 If you start to become a problem with your complaint you can be tied up for months trying to speak to a fictitious department and have to repeat it to every person that you speak to.


5 The exchange excuses your exchange is having work done on it or They can just put the phone down on you if you stump them.


As has Been Mentioned the mods are a lot better.


I would love to see BT buck the trend of call centres abroad Like B.E. did the service was great. I would pay extra to have a UK call centre with in reason as I will not found a company that cares about just hooking the customer and then ignores any complaints as a customer.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I would love to see BT buck the trend of call centres abroad Like B.E. did the service was great.

I agree the BE service was great.  The BE centre was and is in Bulgaria.  Even though no longer a BE member, I hope the same service centre stays there after they Sky takeover.


The only time I had to contact the India service I must agree I found them difficult to understand (and they found me difficult to understand).  However, they did sort out my issue.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

ive pretty much had the same problem very slow running internet b.t arnt providing the service they should be bad customer service im thinking of termintating my contract with b.t and going with a new provider like talk talk b.t.s service is appsalupely appalling to customers they are not providing the service they should be its very dissapointing.

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Re: Complaints: Why is BT Customer Service SO bad?

I can only say that the BT customer service is some of the worst I have ever experienced, since when I was with orange many years ago.  We ordered the full package with optical fibre, telephone and BT Visiion including the BT Sport for the house we were moving to.  BT rang me on the day I was moving and I had no time to talk.  I found it hard to tell the guy with the accent that I could barely understand that I was too busy and could he please ring back later.  He wouldnt take no for an answer but I eventually got him off the line, but never heard from him again.  Then, near to the install date we got a text saying they couldnt come until we had a line.  I didn't understand what was meant by this and why it couldnt be done, but all attempts to contact and get a response failed after waiting for an age on the phone numerous times.  We have a text that said we needed to be in an would be contacted on 23 Aug but no explanation if that is indeed an install date. 


The old phone number was still active while we had moved in and the previous owners were also very angry with BT for not moving their number quickly enough to their new address.  They have vowed never to go with BT again and will switch in the near future.  The line was de-activated but the number we were assigned with out order has not been activated.  Just how hard can it be?  We cannot make calls or receive them still.  Since complaining I am told we will be contacted on 22/08, but I dont know if I need to be home (which I cant be).  We have no broadband and my wife needs to look for work and also there are many things we need to do online like updating our address with numerous companies and bank accounts etc.  I also need to look for work with the threat of redundancy, so I am very very angry about this delay and lack of any proper explanation.  We dont even know if oin 23rd that it is the full installation or just part of the job.  It was already moved at short notice, so we fear it may happen again.  To cap it all off, BT have the cheek to have taken payment for our upfront line rental and other charges at the start of this month.  All we seem to get is standard emails and fobbed off to a later date.  I wish I had researched BT's customer service record around broadband and I would have avoided them.  Give me Virgin Media any day, they have always provided excellent service and the speed has always been bang on what they promise.


I demand BT sort it out, or I will have to cancel and I will sue through the small claims court for compensation for all the time I have wasted.

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