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Complete Home WiFi

I have Superfast BT broadband which works well but there are 2 rooms where the wifi signal is not so good. So I thought I might buy the BT Complete wifi discs available to give a better signal around the house.  However, I also have Sky Q with 3 mini boxes and in order to boost the Sky signal to the mini boxes the Sky engineer put in a sky Q wireless booster.  My question is, if I now put in the Complete  Wifi discs from BT will these conflict in any way with the Sky booster ?  I do not understand how it all works together and whether the Sky booster for the mini Q boxes also boosts the BT broadband signal to my other devices anyway. Thanks

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Re: Complete Home WiFi

I don’t think there should be any conflict. I have Complete WiFi and Sky Q, but with only one mini box (and no Sky Booster) and everything works as you would hope.

It’s only the main Q box that connects to the internet, either via ethernet to the router or wifi to the BT network. Once the connection is established the main Q box, minis and booster create their own mesh separate from the BT network, by pressing the WPS button on the Q devices (following the instructions under Settings>Setup on the Q minis).

The Sky kit will not boost the BT signal. If you were on Sky broadband each of the bits of the Q kit would work as WiFi hotspots. This option only works with Sky broadband. 

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