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Complete Home Wifi Mode

Just recieved my complete home wifi with one disk . All in all it seems pretty good, but it appears that I keep moving from the 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz. I have my smarthub 2 in the same room as my macbook pro is there anyway I can ensurfe that it stays on the preffered 5Ghz connection?

Also the disk is in the bedroom. When I used my ipad in the bedroom I checked the disc on my bt and it showed no connected devices on the bedroom disk so did a speed test and the result was about 20mb less than my usual 65mb download speed?

Can you please advise how to set up for best results. Forgot to say the disk is shown as a exellent connection?

Can you please advice on best setup?


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Re: Complete Home Wifi Mode


You may be better asking on the main thread which is monitored by the BT Devices team.

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Re: Complete Home Wifi Mode

With the sh2 you cannot split the networks unlike previous hubs so your device will connect to whichever networks gives it best connection

did you turn of smart setup in the new hub?  If not then turn it off

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Re: Complete Home Wifi Mode


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