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Complete WIFI Discs - WIFI 6 enablement

Any idea when Complete Wi-if Discs will be made Wi-Fi 6 compatible - either through a hardware upgrade or firmware update?  The whole home wifi seems to have had an upgrade but are the ones that are tied to complete wifi going to be stuck on wifi 5.  Seems a bit of a ;et down for those on packages that have complete wifi attached.  Should weask for this to be removed from our packages and purchase home wifi instead.  I've searched the forums but can't find any mention of complete wifi discs being brought to latest speeds.

Additionally, there was talk earlier in the year about a smarthub 3 that would be wifi 6 enabled.  Any news relating to that also.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Complete WIFI Discs - WIFI 6 enablement

As the complete wifi connects to the hub via wifi, as opposed to Ethernet in the case of the whole home wifi, there is no point until the hub has wifi6.

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