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Complete WiFi upgrade on Halo 1


I'm currently on Halo 1 but due to a failed Full Fibre upgrade at a previous address I've ended up with a Smart Hub 2. My current package is:

Fibre Halo 1
30Mb - 34MbDownload speed
6Mb - 7Mb
Upload speed
£38.65* a month
Contract end date: 16 Nov 2022

Includes BT line rental

In my home office, the wifi signal can be a bit patchy as it's upstairs and in the opposite corner of the house from the hub, so I was interested in complete wifi, but looking at my "personalised offers" it seems the only option I have is to upgrade to Halo 3 with complete wifi for an extra £24.34 a month, (or £62.99/month total) which if my calculations are right means I'd be paying nearly £600 extra over the next 2 years just for complete wifi but with no other real benefit (I'm quite rural so can't get any faster, no FTTP and likely won't be for a very long time, don't really need the tech support).

Is it possible to just get the disc without the upgrade to Halo3? Are there any other upgrade options I'm maybe missing? Obviously the upgrade presented to me in my offers doesn't really feel like it's worth it

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Re: Complete WiFi upgrade on Halo 1

Powerline adapters are the cheapest and simpest solution.

Have a look at the TP Link range,  if you only want 2.4Ghz and  wifi for internet rather than streaming from a NAS, the TL-WPA 4220 kit would be suitable.

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Re: Complete WiFi upgrade on Halo 1

Hi @mrt1981   Yes complete WiFi discs are available on a well known auction site or from BT at double the price. I have been using a complete WiFi disc for 18 months without a complete WiFi subscription. Obviously I don’t get the guarantee or extra discs.

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Re: Complete WiFi upgrade on Halo 1

Thanks, I didn't actually realise you could get powerline adapters that do wifi too so that might be a decent option (work laptop has no ethernet ports).

Good to know the discs can also be sourced separately, cheers. Any pros/cons of powerline vs disc?

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Re: Complete WiFi upgrade on Halo 1

Powerlines obviously reliant on house wiring being ok, discs reliant on having a suitable compromise location to receive signal from hub and laptop.

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