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Complete Wifi Disk unusable

I've had BT Complete wifi for about a week. However, the WiFi disk seems unusable due to speeds dropping to less than 1mb for devices that are connecting to it.

Devices connecting to the suberhub 2 are fine and have the expected speeds. In fact most devices choose to connect to the superhub over the stronger disk signal even those right on the edge of its coverage.

The signal strength in terms of bars from the disk is good and I now get WiFi coverage almost everywhere. However, when looking at the BT app it says the connection to the disk is good but on the list of devices it says the connection to each device on the hub is weak.

How can I fix this ?

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Re: Complete Wifi Disk unusable

Hi me54m and welcome.

Sorry you're having problems with the complete wifi. Are you able to post any screen shots from the app so we can see what you're seeing at your side?



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