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Complete wi-fi set up

I am considering updating to Complete wi-fi but when I looked at the set up on the help pages it says " You will need the My BT app".

We don't have a smartphone or tablet so I would like to know if the set up can be done without My BT app , and if so will it have significantly reduced performance?

By the way I tried calling the help no. quoted (0800 800150) but couldn't get past the "In a few words tell us how we can help you today" message. I tried 6 times before I got anywhere and then got through to some sales person who couldn't help (other than offer me a reduced rate). Is there a way to get to Technical help?


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Re: Complete wi-fi set up

As far as I'm aware, I think you need the MyBT App for the initial setup but it can be managed via a browser subsequently. That being the case, can you get a friend/relative with a smartphone to set it up for you.

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Re: Complete wi-fi set up

Hi @Kingside 

It is not uncommon for people to set this up without using the My BT App, mainly because the tools (Your wi-fi network) are missing from their App. This is because they buy the SH2 and Disc outright and don’t subscribe to Complete Wi-Fi. The alternative steps are shown below, not using the My BT App.

Alternatively, follow the steps below to connect using an ethernet cable. There's one in your Hub box.

  1. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into a yellow port on the back of the Hub and the other end to the yellow port on the disc
  2. The light on the Wi-Fi disc will start flashing blue and will turn solid blue after a couple of minutes
  3. You can now unplug the cable. The light will change to flashing red and will go back to solid blue in a few seconds
  4. Unplug the disc from the mains. You can now go and plug this in at your preferred location

Taken from

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Re: Complete wi-fi set up

As mentioned by VeteranISPUser, you can use the ethernet cable method or by pressing the WPS button on the back of the hub and disk. 


Also regarding the calls, I have been told that FTTP has a different team. I had to call in a few times recently to order another complete wi-fi disk and they would usually transfer me to this team. They did say that at the ‘In a few words, please tell us how we could help you today’ he said to say to speak to the fibre faults / I have a fibre fault. 

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