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Concerns Regarding Router Restart

I have recently started to encounter frequent, brief complete drops in connection to the WiFi. We do not reset or do anything with the Hub out of fear we’ll make the problem worse and I am not sure what to do. Will everything still reconnect automatically when it comes back on or will all devices have to be linked again? And also does the password change as well or will it stay as it is?

Thank You!

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Re: Concerns Regarding Router Restart

is it just the wireless connection that is dropping or is the hub dropping internet connection - hub lights would change from blue

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Re: Concerns Regarding Router Restart

It’s just the connection I think, the lights on the hub and boosters are always blue. And we are terrified of turning it off and on again in case we break something

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Re: Concerns Regarding Router Restart

Restarting the BT Home hub should not cause any problems. It may take a short while to reconnect, but it may help your problem.

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Re: Concerns Regarding Router Restart

Ok, I’ll give it a try, thanks a bunch!

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