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Concero 1400 Not Possible message

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Hi; Have a problem with our handset to our concero 1400 BT phone.  When we try and use phone to dial out we get a Message on hand set saying "not possible".

The battery is charged and we are in range for the antenna.

Looked in the user manual and no mention of this problem at all.

When someone rings in they get connected to answer phone and can leave a message so there is no fault on line, but unable to answer their call or ring out

Any ideas suggestions on what problem is and how it can be rectified would be very welcome

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Re: Concero 1400 Not Possible message

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For information I have now got this working again ... had to switch off everything off and then reset.

So if anyone else has same issue do the old computer trick of switch off and then back on again.


It is a pity though that I could find no mention of this error message in user guide. Maybe something they should add into the online version as obviously it is set up to display such a message.


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