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Conflict files



Does anyone have a resolution to the problem with the BT cloud software grabbing ownership of files and causing conflicts?


I do a lot of 3D work and every time I do a render the new render file is built up.  When it is ready it deletes the old render batch and moves the files it has just created to where they were.  At least 50% of the time this fails because the cloud software appears to grab the old files rather than deleting them.  This causes a "file being used by another process" error.  The only solution that I have found so far is to turn off the cloud client whilst I am doing any work.  Which isn't really a good idea. 

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Re: Conflict files

Unfortunately BT Cloud has very odd ideas with conflict files.  Conflicts are awkward in sync systems where you have multiple clients changing the same target: no solution can be perfect, but programs like Dropbox and Google Docs manage pretty well.  BT Cloud manages to create conflicts with just a single client; where theoretically no conflicts should exist.  I've not managed to sort out what it thinks it is doing in this situation and how it manages to make such a mess of a simple task, so I'm not sure what the best way to avoid it is.


One solution is to use a more reliable program such as Dropbox or iDrive.  If you don't have enough free Dropbox storage, you might use BT Cloud for the more static files which it doesn't screw up, and Dropbox for the ones that BT Cloud manages to make awkward.


One somewhat less automated solution is to use the BT Cloud web interface to upload the awkward ones when you have a batch ready.

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Re: Conflict files

I have not had problems with conflict files myself but my partner has, finding that image files had been duplicated, the original being an empty copy and the conflict file the renamed original.  Could it be that I have not had the problem because I am usiing Windows 7 and she is using Windows XP?

I contacted BT and they admitted that there was a problem and that they were talking to the software supplier about a resolution to the issue, this is simply not good enough.  BT is heavily marketing their cloud storage solution without sorting out the issues.  I moved my storage from Norton, which works, to BT, which doesn't, because it was cheaper.  BT have aknowledged that there is an issue they need to sort this out, and quickly, it should not be insurmountable.

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Re: Conflict files

11/08/2014 - NB 2014 - I am still having this problem (with OpenOffice files, PDFs, Tyre, etc, etc.). Using Win7, and I only use BT Cloud Backup (ie NOT Sync) - Have I missed the repair? My Windows and other software are updated as soon as available. I am still having to check Win Explorer before I leave a file to check a '.conflict' has not been created and my updated file has been saved. HELP! Smiley Sad

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