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Conflicting Info on My Appointment Date



I have purchased a broadband + tv + phone package with BT yesterday. Last night, I received email confirmation telling me the delivery date of my home hub and top-set box is on 5th Jan and activation date 7th Jan.


But this morning I received a text message from BT_SMS saying BT is "switching on my phone line, TV and broadband early with a new activation date on 20 Dec 2014...Your kit will be with you by 6pm on the day".


I was very confused. So I went on the BT website to track my order. It is still saying delivery date on 5th Jan and activation date 7th Jan.


I contacted BT which did not clear the confusion. She told me the delivery date and activation are still unchanged on the system. The person did not know why the text was sent.


If I receive two conflicting info from BT, how do I know which one to trust? I'd need to book time off work and make so much effort to be there on the day. The least BT can do is tell me when they will be coming!



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Re: Conflicting Info on My Appointment Date

You have have had two pieces of confirmation regarding the original information. I would go with the original order, which is still showing as the first date and the confirmation you have had from the Customer Service Department. It may be that the text was sent to the wrong number.

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