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Confused about Line Fault???

I'm not quite sure what is going on with my BT home telephone line.


I spoke to a neighbour who told me she could listen in on our conversations and had it reported.

Later that same night my own phone line goes down and of course the broadband at the same time. I opened up a case online to report a fault on the line and explained what had happened on Sat 26th Feb 2011. They told me it would take 4 days to fix and gave a date of the Thurs 3rd March 2011 for a fix. Thursday came and nothing. Then I got a text to say sorry and that the fix date is now Fri 4th March 2011.


Since then, I have not received anything from BT in email, call or text to say what is going on. The telephone is still completely out of order. It will be a week tomorrow since the fix date and passed.

Surely I shouldn't be paying for a service that I am not receiving!!


Bizarrely the broadband has connected again but only at an impressively low 0.125 Mb speed initially. That's now at about 3Mb but the telephone line is still dead.

Oh and just in case you are curious, I cannot make a phone call from the hub broadband line either. I assumed if the broadband was working ok I might be able to use that line but I was wrong.


Anyone know anything about this problem?


I live in Southampton, postcode SO16 7HA and my exchange is BASSETT.

For any engineers who want my BT account details I am happy to provide them.

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Re: Confused about Line Fault???

Hi suggest you follow this link
and fill out the web form and the board mods will sort it for you they deal with each mail in turn so it may take up to 72 hours for a reply but they are very good atsorting these sorts of issues
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