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Re: Confused at the definiton of "unlimited".

Regarding 'ComputerGeek's last post...


This is/was my particular tale...


On the 28th Dec last year... I got an email saying I had hit 80GB and would suffer reduced service.  I called the number on the email and actually got someone who had a bit of 'nouse' about her.  I told her, that when I upgraded from 8 to 20 - I asked if the service was totally unlimited and was told yes.  The 'traffic-person' said I was therefore entitled to a full refund and cancellation of contract if I wanted it.


I said no, and asked to work with her over a 1 week period so I could log my traffic and we could compare notes.  She agreed, and (I was surprised) on about the 4th Jan (approx.), She called and we had a good chat.


I agreed with her - I was just happy to be on 20meg and had hammered the net for the last month but one thing we almost fell out on was the numbers.


She said I'd used 2.5GB (up and down) and I could only log about 2.42GB...  I asked and asked for a tool in windows that loads up before my machines load their network drivers but BT couldn't give me one.  I asked if they don't have a tool - how are they currently counting my bytes?  No sensible reply.  I also said I'd build a machine using whatever OS they use...and then I could use the same tool as BT.  Again, no sensible reply.


I called ofcom about everything...and they said as I'd been offered a refund what else did I want...which I guess is fair enough.


To be honest... I think 100GB is almost a sensible amount.  The only thing that gets me is the majority of non-tech savvy users will really struggle to log their usage and make decisions and then fall foul of the 1mbit for a month.  They might not know just how much data streaming HD video for example takes...


Adding usage graphs to a .pdf or something available on the 'your account' bit is a fantastic suggestion...and I'd also like to see a tool available for download that can load up before a network device driver to enable bit-for-bit accurate logging.  For PC's, Mac's and all the unix derivatives...


An analogy could be...  if cars didn't need to have speedometers fitted...  could you still get stopped for speeding?

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Re: Confused at the definiton of "unlimited".

Question: How much do high-bandwidth content providers such as BBC iPlayer, Facebook, YouTube, PirateBay, Vuse etc etc invest in UK broadband infrastructure to suport their profit making content?


Anmswer: Errrrrrr......NOTHING



That is precisely why high download users of such should be throttled when they exceed 100GB/mo and why BT's Network Traffic Management is appropriate, right and FAIR.


When you exceed 100GB/mo, your connection is still unlimited (no cap), it's just that BT fairly and reasonably throttle your connection so that there is plenty for everyone else.


If you want an unrestricted high bandwidth connection, change your provider, get a leased line or more than one broadband connection.

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Re: Confused at the definiton of "unlimited".

With respect, Iain, if a service is advertised as "unlimited", that's what it should be.  And I don't see why content providers should pay for consumers to access that material.  If BT find that their customers use more download capacity than their business model forecast, they need to revise that model, including a price increase to pay for it.  Or maybe, just mabe, stop advertising Option 3 as "unlimited", and devise another truly "unlimited" package with an appropriate pricing structure.


I've never exceeded any ISP-imposed limits, so no personal axe to grind.

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Re: Confused at the definiton of "unlimited".

It defies logic that BT don't allow customers access to their own usage figures. After all, we can see a breakdown of all our call charges. And if we call someone at BT to discuss usage levels they obviously have easy on-screen access to the figures.


Has BT ever given a reason for not making this information available to the customer online?

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Re: Confused at the definiton of "unlimited".

BT also (ahem) misrepresent unlimited on their web adverts for business mobile broadband.


Post no. 3 in this link:


I have completely and totally given up with trying to get usage figures from BT in order to manage my unlimited allowance of 3GB.


O2 mobile broadband provides useage figures so why not BT?

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Re: Confused at the definiton of "unlimited".

@iain...  i think that most people (me, def.) are most upset that we weren't told beforehand.  not that there's a limit.


i specifically asked the sales lady when i renewed and she said (and i quote):  no, there are no limits at all apart from some peer to peer traffic that gets put to the back of the queue.  you can download as much as you want.


that was a direct quote.  to the letter.  and it simply isn't true.  even if i switch my hub off for a month - it's still a lie.


we're all 1/2 right here I think...  the unlimited does indeed only refer to the fact there is no 'ceiling' you can hit and it all stops...  ...and the heavy users, perhaps with big families who do download a lot are right in saying we should've been informed.


please everyone - don't let this thread turn into some sort of squabble...  we're all on the same side aren't we?


(and having just spoken with a friend on o2...  he gets usage stats made available to him but laughed at me as he doesn't have a 100GB limit and so he doesn't need them...)


the point is - if there is a limit (rightly or wrongly) we need a tool to measure it.  banknotes and coins have numbers on them.  cars have speedo's.  food has calorific information.  broadband we have to guess at...


@seraph - i highly recommend you use softperfect's networx to log stuff...  but you'll have to waste a few meg downloading it so i hope you're not at 99.999999GB 😉

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