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Confused by increase in Monthly Direct Debits

Hi all.


Being a newbie, I'm sure this topic must have been raised in the past.


As a new BT customer, I was paying Monthly Direct Debits of £23.50 to cover my contract for Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan plus BT Total Broadband Option 1.


After 6 months, I have just received a bill advising me that my Direct Debits would increase to £38.00 per month (a rise of 62%!).


Having been unable to get through to an advisor on the phone, I thought I'd do a little research on the web.  I found the BT Help topic "Why has my Monthly Payment Plan amount changed?", which lays out the way the bill is calculated:


Monthly Rental Charges + Last quarter usage divided by 3 + Outstanding charges divided by 6 = Monthly Payment.


In my case, this would be: £23.43 + £3.51/3 + £5.44/6 = £25.51 per month.


Therefore, I'm a little confused, not to mention rather annoyed that my Direct Debits have been increased to £38.00pm, when £26.00pm would seem more reasonable!


Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: Confused by increase in Monthly Direct Debits

Hi Mthird3rd,


Thanks for posting. I can check what's going on for you. Drop me an email to the address in my profile. Include a your account details and a link to this thread and we'll take it from there.





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Re: Confused by increase in Monthly Direct Debits

Hi Martin,


Having the same kind of problem with are not alone!

I  signed up to BT Vision back in October10 where the nice salesman told me for the package i was having (phone, broadband and tv) I would be paying £51 a month based on my previous phone usage (this figure was worked out for 3 months in advance). After a few initial teething problems all went well until after 3 months BT then tell me my payments were jumping to £88.50 a month without any explanation (my phone usage had not changed in any way during this time). Another 3 months pass, where in the meantime I had paid BT a total of £265.50 but my bill says I only owed them £151.51 so I was in credit by £113.99. BT still wanted to carry on charging me £88.50 even though that was way over what I should be paying. After cancelling the direct debit ( which was an arduous process over the phone talking with their overseas billing department) I have now received a bill for £50+ .....where has my £113.99 credit disappeared?....wits end?....tearing my hair out?....pulling teeth?...all could be used to describe the BT billing experience. The scary thing is BT would of quite happily carried on taking £88.50 out of my account every month and not done a thing.....but if i wasn't paying enough they would be quick to up my payments. Also they are sitting on my £113....along with doubtless other customers overpayments and getting a nice little bit of interest off it. Unfortunately I am tied into an 18 month contract with them and whilst I cant fault the services they provide (although my broadband usage goes near my 40 GB limit which astounds me because we only use the internet for the usual things e mails you tube etc. but thas another forum issue!) i would quite happily just get a freesat box and another internet provider because it seems BT just dont care!


rant over  ...well at least till i try to ring BT later!




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Re: Confused by increase in Monthly Direct Debits

That all sounds like a pretty confusing situation, Pete.  I hope you get it sorted out.


For me, a pleasant lady at BT called a day or two after I registered my problem, which I was impressed with.   I had read a lot of threads where calls were promised but never happened.


I was advised that if I cleared my oustanding balance, which was basically the advance charges, I would only have to pay £25.00 per month direct debit (a rise of only £1.50, instead of £15.00).  I haven't had any problems since.  I think the advance charges are what causes a lot of confusion.


By managing my account on-line, if my bill shows me in Debit, which may result in my monthly Direct Debits rising, I have the option of making a one-off payment to clear the balance and maintain my Direct Debits at their current rate.  So, for now I'm quite happy with the BT service, once more!


I don't know if that will help you with your case, but good luck and I hope you get it sorted soon.




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