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Our contract is up very shortly, we mainly watch bike racing so want BT sport for MotoGP and Eurosport for BSB/WSB.....Also need to bring the price down....we rang and 1 woman said no problem you will just loose comedy Central and keep everything else....we said we would ring back....we did, got a different person who said we would loose a lot more and that Eurosport would only be available via Amazon after 18th this true????? OR can we stick to our old package and still get Eurosport ....

We don't want the new packages..too what options do we have with other way to get our bike racing??? 

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Re: Confused

If you've got the time read through this;


Check the post dates and it's mostly in the last month or so.

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Re: Confused

Hi @Samrob 

Sorry for the confusion. 

Eurosport should still be available via the Classic Entertainment pack. This cannot be used alongside any NowTV promotions but this pack does contain Eurosport and BT Sport is available alongside it.

If you have any problems please drop me a private message and I'd be happy to take a look for you. Thank you, 


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