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Confusing email when leaving re Sport sub

Upon a new broadband provider notifying BT that I will be switching, the subsequent email from BT says that my sport (via sky box) will also be cancelled. However, the same email says elsewhere that BT will continue billing sport unless I cancel. Anyone know which is correct?

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Re: Confusing email when leaving re Sport sub

Hi @dfkb, I'm sorry for any confusion caused by that email, my understanding is that your BT Sport on Sky should continue. It sounds like there's an error in that email which I would like to highlight as it shouldn't be giving you a contradictory message like that. 

I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch with the moderation team.

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Re: Confusing email when leaving re Sport sub

If your BT Sports is on Sky, It should cease when you move the line/BB, currently your BT Sports has a BB discount element, to continue with the service would mean subscribing to a channel only promotion which is £29.99 per month, if you opt for a 12 month contracted term, the one-off setup cost is reduced from £35 to £20.

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