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Confusion over HD content

Hi all, first time poster here. 

After finally completing our broadband home move last week I've been looking at getting a TV package together. However, I'm struggling with getting a common answer from the contact centres and we've been switched products a few times without success and the overall standard of service is becoming increasingly poor. I'm now in the process of being reverted to the old entertainment max HD package. 

Essentially I was looking for the NOW TV entertainment package, BT sport and to have all of those channels in HD. 

The confusion seems to have come from the HD 'boosts' available. There's the now TV boost at £3 and the BT HD & 4K option at £5.

I've been told at various times I need one, the other and even both to get all the channels in HD. Is anybody here able to clarify? 


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Re: Confusion over HD content

What broadband speed have you got is the first basic question?

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Re: Confusion over HD content

I have BT Fibre 500 so as far as I'm aware there's no restrictions to available TV content

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Re: Confusion over HD content

There are only 2 options for having one of the NOW TV based BT TV packages in HD currently:

  1. Add the £5 monthly HD bolt-on if you have a NOW TV based pack or
  2. Get the VIP pack and the HD charge is included in the package price

The charge of £5 essentially includes the £3 'NOW TV Boost' and gives you AMC and BT Sport in HD as well if you have them in your package.

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Re: Confusion over HD content

That's really clear thank you, I thought it was strange to need the HD Bolt on and the Now TV bost too and hoped the £5 covered everything. 

Unfortunately this leads to a little bit of frustration me. I originally had the correct bolt on (the £5 one) but I wasn't receiving the Now TV channels in HD. Since then I've been swapped between the £5 bolt on, the Now TV HD boost and was even told I needed both at one point in order to make it work. 

I appreciate the difficulty in the BT employees working situations at a time like this, but I'd have hoped setting up a TV package would  have been a bit more should  straightforward. The information and level of service provided has been pretty poor. 

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