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Connected devices no showing in Smart Hub

Hopefully this is the correct place to post this? 


Upgraded to the new Smart Hub after having too many issues with an older model. So far I'm not impressed. It is most definately not the most reliable piece of tech I've had from BT. Anyway, that aside I hve a strange issue, 


I have a device which is connected wirelessly to the network and has an IP address of It is a web cam and it is definately connected because I cn see images from it. It shows up on overlook fing. That is its address. But on the 'Smart' hub it doesn't show up. I've tried refreshig, switching smart mode off, chaging modes, etc. But it fails to register a device that is most definately on the network.


Has anone else seen this sort of thing? 


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Re: Connected devices no showing in Smart Hub

Is the camera not seen from Home -> My devices or from Home -> Advanced Settings -> My Network -> My Devices?


When you click on the 'My devices' button under the advanced settings the Hub sends an ARP for every address i.e., - to populate the list, so it's odd that it's not picking it up.


If you go into the Advanced Settings -> Technical Log -> Event Log and filter on 'Wifi' do you see the MAC address of the camera in the list?


Does the camera make any outgoing connections that would have to go via the hub i.e., to the Internet or are you only accessing the camera locally? If it doesn't and there's a way to make it send some traffic to the Internet, try that and see if it appears. Perhaps the hub is only showing devices that send traffic through the hub to the Internet.



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