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Connecting BT TV App to TalkTalk YouView Box

Hi. Looking for some help here. I noticed the 'old' YouView app no longer works with my TalkTalk YouView box. I am now with BT having left TalkTalk. We still use their box regularly. I am trying to get the BT TV App to connect to it, but I keep getting the error message saying "No BT TV Box Found". All I want to be able to do is to have the ability to set recordings from my iPhone when away from home. The BT logo and menus seem to appear on the box when it is used, and there is no reference to TalkTalk. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Connecting BT TV App to TalkTalk YouView Box

Hi @0118jer72 welcome to the forum and sorry you are having trouble with the BT TV App. Have you uninstalled and installed the App again since moving to BT TV?


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Re: Connecting BT TV App to TalkTalk YouView Box


what model Youview box do you have  ? if it was supplied by TalkTalk then it is probably a Huawei model. If so you will be dependent upon TalkTalk updating the software on that model. 

The Youview announcement currently reads

What are the alternatives to the YouView App – and where can I find them?

By the end of March, the BT TV app will be available to all* YouView users to be able to set recordings remotely. This app can be found in the app store.

Unfortunately a STB software update is required to allow TalkTalk users to continue using this after 31st March. Users with TalkTalk STBs will be able to use the BT TV app in the near future. We are currently unable to advise on a date when TalkTalk might do this, so we'd suggest raising any questions or feedback directly to TalkTalk.

*This is not compatible with 1st generation set top boxes (e.g. Humax T1000) or Sony TVs.

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Re: Connecting BT TV App to TalkTalk YouView Box

John. Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried (twice) to delete and reinstall. No joy I’m afraid. The app can’t see the set top box. 

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Re: Connecting BT TV App to TalkTalk YouView Box

I seem to have a Huawei Model DN370T.02.04.P. 
The software (when looking in the menu) is up to date. 
I’m guessing TalkTalk aren’t in a rush to push out a new update for something that’s not really their problem ☹️

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