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Connecting Chrome Cast to Hub 4 and 5 - Updated 13/12/13

Hi Guys,

We understand some people are having connection problems with Chrome Cast to BT’s Home hub 4 and 5.

We have discovered that Chrome Cast doesn't seem to like the 5Ghz wireless band and this is the setting that the router will automatically try and connect to the device with.  The solution is to change the SSID on the 5Ghz band so that you can force Chrome Cast to use the 2.4Ghz band.  You can do this through the hub manager, to make this easy for you we have set out some simple instructions below. 

1.  Access the Hub Manager on your computer by typing api.home into the address bar of the Internet browser, then click Advanced Settings

2.  Next enter the Hub Manager admin password (found on the Hub settings card at the back of the Hub) and click OK

3.  Click Continue to Advanced Settings

4.  Click Wireless

5.  From here you can change the SSID name being broadcast. In this example here we've added 2.4GHz at the end of the name to easily identify this as the 2.4GHZ band. But you can change the name to anything you want. In the Wireless SSID section enter a new name and clickApply



6.  Click Yes for the changes to be applied

7.  Now you've changed the SSID, you'll need to reconnect any other wireless devices you've previously connected

Update - When you follow the above process for changing the SSID of the 5 GHz Band you will see an option which reads 'Sync with 2.4GHz' This option need to be set to 'No'.  I have added a screen shot below,




Update:  We continue to test this and it appears that the BT Home Hub 5A, should be able to Chromecast with the Chromecast on 2.4GHz SSID and the streaming device on the 5GHz SSID.  Smart Setup has to be disabled to enable Chromecast to work though.  To disable Smart Setup please see this link for a step by step guide, Switching Smart Setup on and off on the BT Home Hub 4 or Hub 5

Hope this helps.

 Cheers Sean