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Re: Connecting Digital Voice adapter without using WPS

@Bob1001 , I suspect this is incorrect information.  SIP has be a standard protocol used for voice and video traffic for donkys years. It's signalling would (should) be protected using TLS (as per pretty much any website you would visit on the web) and media would be protected  using some form of AES encryption.  Whilst SIP is designed to be extensible, I can't belive BT would reinvent the wheel here. Unfortunately,  I will not be able to analyse this as my DV has already been cancelled before it started. What I can tell you is the in the smart hub logs, I can see something to do with SIP failing to initialise. Other than that, I am NOT using the BT Smart Hub 2 to connect to the OTN and it can work as a simple (ish) network attached device. Shame it doesnt allow for a true routed connection on the WAN interface or the ability to set it as a dumb network device and rather forces you to use PPPoE.

As mentioned above, the BT Smart Hub 2 is nothing more than standard of the shelf WiFi router combined with a DECT base station. BT could provide the DECT base station as a separate standalone thing combined with an ATA (or allow thier router to be configured as above), and that would enable customer to simply do as you suggest. This is essentially what I am doing but not everyone will want to jump through these hoops. I'm sure third party offerings will become mode readily avaliable. 

When I spoke with BT I suggested that when fibre becomes available in an area, the likely first adopters are going to be more tech savy and wish to do things with thier own equipment.  At least they lodged a complaint,  but what will come of it, I don't know. 

Anyhow, good luck and I hope you find what you need. I have, it just isn't with BT.

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