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Re: Connecting external USB drive to Home Hub 5

Thanks. I've tried re-partitioning it using Windows Built-in Disk Management tools. This won't format a 1Tb drive as FAT32 (only NTFS or exFAT) but I tried a smaller patition (50Gb) to test and formatted as FAT32. This made no difference and I still get exactly the same 'error message' from the Hub 😞
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Re: Connecting external USB drive to Home Hub 5

Not helpful to your current problem, but personally I wouldn't bother with a USB connected drive on the HH. It's only USB2 so 60 MB/s in theory, but it performs muuuuuuch slower (see message 2 of HH5 local storage).


If you're sharing a 1TB drive it would suggest you want to use it for more than the odd file, so I'd find a NAS you can connect to the hub GE LAN ports.



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Re: Connecting external USB drive to Home Hub 5

Hi All


After researching this issue for over a day. I solved it for me as follows.:-


 I checked the BT Hub 5 page normally BT Hub 5. Looked at the connect devices on the USB port it says my disk drive is connected but also says (file type not supported)


Despite trying to use it via the group share options it would not allow access to the USB device connected to it. This is most likely due to the file type not supported issues.


It would seem based on my research that this has been a long standing issue for all BT Hubs. It looks like the issue is one or two problems the size of the drive) mines 3 terabyte’s) or it can’t read either NTFS or or FAT32. I think this is a router software issue and BT need to resolve it.


However the WORK AROUND options are:-

  • Windows Start button> in the search box type run common > click on the run icon when the run box appears> type. \\\usb1. That will allow you to access the drive connected to your BT Hub 5 USB port.
  • Other way is:- start> click on computer> click on map network drive> select the drive you want to map. I called mine K. In the dialogue box type> \\\usb1


I’ve not worked out how you can share this drive with other computers on the network and if anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful to hear them. I will report back if I manage to solve the other part of this issue

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Re: Connecting external USB drive to Home Hub 5

R u still looking for a possible soultion to this problem as i had the same issue but managed to fix it. Ill post it anyway for anyone else who comes across this discussion . I used easeus partition master and formatted the hdd to fat32 then saw that the hdd had partitions on it that windows drive manager didnt show so i removed them using easeus partition master, formatted it again to fat 32 and now it works. The hub recognises it and it can be used as expected. Hope this helps anyone with the same issues please post to confirm a working fix.
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