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Connecting to infinity - One router for all?

Partly technical and partly efficiency - Okay, so I got BT Infinity on 9th July although I am struggling with the non-responsive Openreach modem (it's white, and it keeps blinking green then going blank and forth all the time).


With two modems (HomeHub 3 + Openreach) needed to connect to Infinity I was wondering if there is a router that merged all of the functions of the two modems into one? Or do I need to keep the appointment for 17/7/12 (arranged by telephone) so that the Openreach modem can be replaced?

By the way, I already understand that the engineers are busy due to 2012 Olympics, but the router problem is getting annoying.

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Re: Connecting to infinity - One router for all?

Yes there are modem router combos that can be used in place of the supplied kit.

With the openreach modem, the blinking lights, is it just the dsl light that is blinking (ignoring the lan lights) or the power light too?

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Re: Connecting to infinity - One router for all?

DSL was blinking then went blank in the day times. I'll summarise the situation since day one:


9/7 - Good Service

10/7 - No service until night - DSL light blinked then went blank all day

11/7 - No service until night - ditto

12/7 - No service until night - ditto

13/7 - No service since 7:30am - ditto

14/7 - Good service

15/7 - ?


Power light was okay, LANs were okay. But once restarted it takes awfully a long time to respond. It must be the firmware of the white router, which in that case it needs replacing IMO

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