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Re: Connection Data on Home Hub Incorrect?

vofsanity2 wrote: 

regarding the discrepancy between the HomeHub and the usage monitor is it possible that the connection time is actually the time the HH has been connected to the exchange  while the data readings on the Hub is for the time it has been connected to the internet ?

Yes, but that's was my point. When I made the original post the HH had been connected for 22 days, while the monitor related only to the last 9 of those days as it was the 10th of the month. Yet the HH showed a total download of 3.58GB, and the monitor showed 9.61GB; the monitor reading was consistent with usage, and there is no way that I could have used only 3.58GB in the 22 days the HH had been connected. Unless I'm getting dopier than I thought in my old age, to me those figures must mean that the HH had started counting data from scratch without having been restarted. How else could the monitor have a higher reading for a shorter period given that it is accurate?


Sorry about the missing images. In my (lack of) wisdom I decided to tidy up my profile as it contained dozens of images which I no longer needed. I didn't realise that it was more than just a store and that the effect of deleting them would be to remove them from the respective posts. Smiley Embarassed


I have since noticed that the HH often shows download figures which clearly cannot relate to the whole time it has been connected, and can produce some fresh images if you want. It's no longer an issue for me though; I just accept that the HH usage figure is not reliable over an extended period. 

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Re: Connection Data on Home Hub Incorrect?



Thank you for the update. There is no need to update the images I was concerned about why the HomeHub values you were getting did not match the BT Usage monitor but now I can see a simple explanation of the discrepancy.


The HomeHub 3 appears to be better at recording Internet connection time as distinct from HomeHub Up time.

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