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Connection Drops/Speed Stops/Unworkable not fit for purpose service

With the HomeHub 2 Type A and Hub Phone connect, the speed is more often than not unuseable, trying to play online PS3 games, or watch Iplayer is not an option. The line is dropping at least once every 20mins but often more frequent.

The BT technical support help line that you end up with are the least technical people I have ever had the misfortune to need help from.

So far they have sent me 3x HomeHubs and 1x Voyager 220v (which is of no use as it has no wireless, and only one ethernet!), and still the problem persists. (Interestingly, if I reconnect my old Netgear DG834 router it works perfectly the only problem is it does not provide the broadband talk facility that I wanted!)

A constant and predictable set of questions everytime you make contact with them, which results in the same answer statement 'There is nothing wrong with your line', when clearly there is. If it works with my router (with no VOIP) perhaps that could be a clue! The problem is not within my house, when a BT engineer randomly turned up(?) as I was leaving home 3 other people on my street came out to ask if he was there to fix their broadband, and the exchange which I drive past everyday has a constant stream of Openzone vans coming and going.

Many years ago my line was fitted with a DACS at the exchange to connection issues with the old dial up style internet access, but this has never caused a problem with my broadband.

So in summary:

I've now tried 3x Home Hub 2 Type A's

I've swapped 8x ADSL filters

I've connect to the master socket

I've ran the quiet line test (which was quiet)

All of which produce the same intermittenant connection speed, and complete loss of connection.


If anyone from BT actually monitors or moderates these forums, it would be nice if they came forward to give some assistance, or perhaps someone is able to provide a contact number that will take me to a UK based call centre, I would be so greatful.

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Re: Connection Drops/Speed Stops/Unworkable not fit for purpose service

Hi ScubaDec,


Might be worth you contacting the Moderators who can often help with this sort of problem.


An e-mail to: including a link a link to this thread and your telephone number and account number may get things moving.

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Re: Connection Drops/Speed Stops/Unworkable not fit for purpose service

Thanks for that I'll give it a try, as no other form of support seems to be able to provide an assistance, and provide the service that I have paid for, and the BBT telephone number which has now been provided as a major point of contact is not working! The BT service level is pretty much the lowest and least technical I have ever spoken with! You would think they would understand there own systems and products!

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Re: Connection Drops/Speed Stops/Unworkable not fit for purpose service

I can relate to this.I cannot even send an e-mail now, and Radio 4 on i player keeps cutting out.Im phoning the IT help desk on a daily basis now, with no increased decent speeds to work with.If I were in buisness I would be stuffed..

BT..what is going on and why has this became a recent problem  ..??

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