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Connection Speed Capped

Im going to start this by saying, I cant explain how annoyed I am at this particular ISPs customer support

I have rang their support, maybe 9 times now, complaining of the slow speed im getting (0.2mbps), which is ridiculous, takes an hour to load a youtube video, anyway... at the... fifth call maybe? I was told my download speed was capped, id have to change my package (Very very cheeky if you ask me), so I go for it, at my expense, Im told the cap will be removed within an hour, and the new and more costly package online in 15 minutes!... well I rang up today, the expensive package is live, but no change in the speed, which was all I was after... and when i ask for the cap to be removed, im asked to wait another 24 hours before that happens. 



I am utterly sick of BT's rubbish, unless this is resolved quickly, theres no question, im changing ISPs, ive lost a lot of money over this, thanks alot.

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Re: Connection Speed Capped

Hi welcome to the forums,

The forums are customer to customer in the first instance, Only the mods (BT) will ask for personal information through a email link. Would you mind posting your Hub stats & BT speed test results this will help all with diagnosis-

To post the full stats from your router
for home hub -
Navigate to ADSL Settings or use the A-Z at the top right
Click on More Details and then post the results.
Run BT speed tester and post the results from

If possible it would be best to connect to the BT master socket remove the front plate if possisble and connect to socket this will rule out any telephone/broadband extension wiring also consider the housing of the hub/router as anything electrical can cause problems as these are your responsibility, if these are found to be the case Openreach (engineer) will charge BT Broadband, which will be passed onto you, around £130.00.

Noisy line! When making telephone calls, if so this is not good for your broadband, you can check-

Quite line test dial 17070 option 2 and listen - should hear nothing best done with old type analogue phone digital (dect) will do but may have slight hiss If you hear noise- crackling pops etc, report it as a noisy line on your phone, don’t mention broadband, Bt Faults on 151.

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