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Connection Throttling



We have been with BT Infinity for a few years now and never ever had any issues before.


We connect at around 78mb down and 19mb up and our connection has always been super reliable.


I run a popular Twitch stream so my upload speed is vital.


This week it appears my connection is being throttled right when i start streaming at around 11am every weekday.


I have been streaming without issues since February 2016 so this has only just started happening this week.


I will have to cancel BT Infinity if this continues and change ISP to something else as i need this upload speed to remain at what we are paying for. I feel like i'm now being ripped off considering new customers get such a better deal than what we have and other ISP's are looking far better.


Is there anything i can do? Any person at BT i can talk to regarding checking if throttling is being enabled on our BT Infinity package?


My twitch stream is essentially a business so this is affecting my earning potential.


Any help is truly appreciated.


Thank you very much.




P.S My BT Infinity speed details below...



VDSL Range A (Clean)8068.12020--Available----
VDSL Range B (Impacted)78.250.72014.3--Available----
WBC ADSL 2+Up to 1--1 to 3.5Available--Yes
ADSL MaxUp to 1--0.75 to 2.5Available----
WBC Fixed Rate0.5 ----Available--Yes
Fixed Rate0.5 ----Available----
VDSL Multicast------Available----
ADSL Multicast------Available--


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Re: Connection Throttling

At 8am this morning...

Just now...

But it's the dropped frames when streaming that is the worst thing as it's affecting the people who are streaming my Twitch and YouTube channels.
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Re: Connection Throttling

Bt do not throttle conenctions anymore so there must be another cause  are you using wired or wireless to run your tests?  can you use a wired conection and run btspeedtster and when first test completes then run diagnostic test and post the results preferably here rather than a link


yo do realise that running a business on a residential line is not permitted by the T&C - or are you actually a business customer?

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Re: Connection Throttling

No ISP will guarantee upload speeds have you other devices running at the same time as you are streaming
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Re: Connection Throttling

Hi Nick,


We seem to be having the same - BT Infinity.


In the evenings it seems we're below 10mb download, in the morning past 9am we're seeing 75mb download.


Any chance you managed to fix this your side?


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Re: Connection Throttling

That would be congestion, not throttling.

I suggest you start your own thread.
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