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Connection/availability issue after ordering

Really hoping someone can offer some advice or help.

I ordered BT Infinity on 06/07/15, and was told I could receive it in my area. I received an email saying my expected speed would be 50-55mbs.
As I work from home I was hoping for a quick service - sadly not.
After an initial delay, the phone engineer finally arrived on 04/08/15 to connect the phone line. He told me the broadband would probably be switched on later that day.
Next day, still no connection 😞

I received a confusing voicemail the next day saying the exchange was full, and infinity wouldn't be switched on until the following week, but they would connect me with copper broadband for the meantime.

I rang BT the same day to try to find out an expected connection date. A very frustrating phone call ensued, with the operator telling me Infinity was not available in my area and I would have to place another order for copper broadband. When I asked what speed the normal broadband was, the operator checked and then came back to say normal broadband wasn't even available!!!

They said they would call back on the 12th with an update, but I find it really frustrating that they let me place an order and now say it's unavailable. Especially as I know next door use BT for broadband.

I'm really disappointed with BT's service and just feel like cancelling everything. Any advice? Shall I wait to see what they say on the 12th?
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Re: Connection/availability issue after ordering

Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.

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Re: Connection/availability issue after ordering

Screenshot below:



Does this mean I can get fibre, but only when there is more capacity at the exchange?

Is this likely to be 2nd Sep as shown, or could this date change?

If I was to sign up with a competitor, would I encounter exactly the same problem, e.g Sky (Virgin cable is unavailabe).


Sorry for all the questions!


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Re: Connection/availability issue after ordering

At present regardless of ISP you cannot get fibre as there are no connections available in your cabinet. Often capacity Is increased on or before the estimated date

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