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Connection dropouts - PPPoE/A and ASUS DSL-N55U as modem

Hi All,


Bit of a long intro, but its important to this issue as it points out that some info in diagnostics is not possible to find.


Essentially I am privately renting, within this house the internet is BT and has been since forever. Previously we had a home hub 3 which slowly died and was replaced by an ASUS DSL-N55U. This was fine until december when dropouts, although happened previously started to get worse and more often, they have continued to go downhill since.


I point out that I am privately renting, as the internet is supplied by the landlord and so is not in my name, we also do not have a landline in the house. Therefore I do not have access to BT account login info or the phone number.


I know we are roughly 1.5km from our exchange, and that infinity is not possible in our area:



WBC ADSL 2+Up to 5.5--3 to 8Available
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 5.5Up to 13 to 8Available
ADSL MaxUp to 4--3 to 7Available
WBC Fixed Rate2----Available
Fixed Rate2----Available
Other Offerings
Copper Multicast------Available


As I am technically minded etc, I've finally convinced the landlord to let me look into this.

Having logged into the routers admin panel, I noticed that the connection was PPPoE, and MUST have been this for at least 8 months. 

AFAIK BT Broadband is PPPoA only, but it seems to connect.

I tried switching to PPPoA and, whilst the router appeard to connect, it was as if the DNS was totally not working.


So I'm looking for some guidance, what might I have missed, what might be allowing PPPoE then dropping? Why does PPPoA not work.


Yes, connected to the master socket, plugging into test makes no difference.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Connection dropouts - PPPoE/A and ASUS DSL-N55U as modem

With the speed estimate  from the checker I thing you are 3km+ line length from the exchange


Adsl should be pppoA  


Is username   password cab be anything - BT is often used


You really are need a phone to check to see if he line noise which could be cause of connection dropping  it is Internet connection nor wireless connection that is droppjng

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