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Connection dropped overnight, speed reduced by ~40%

I have a very long, rural line so I'm used to the odd dropout now and then which usually bumps my SNR margain up slightly and results in a slight reduction in speed.

Usually if I leave it for a day or 2 and then restart my router or the connection I'm able to get back to around my best possible connection speed. 

However, the night before last my connection must have dropped at some point and since then my Downstream speed has been greatly reduced (2400-2600Kbps to 1472Kbps) and my Upstream has dropped slighly also to 800Kbps.

I'm using a TP-Link router and it shows that the Max rates for both Downstream and Upstream are still what they usually are Down: 2400-2600 and Up: 850-950.

I've tried the usual BT troubleshooting, restarting and resetting the router, I've tried a different router and plugging directly into the test socket. The reported speeds are always exactly the same, Down: 1472Kbps and Up: 800Kbps.

SNR margin for downstream is up to ~12bB from it's usual 6-7, ping is also higher than normal but only by about 10ms.

I've tried BT Chat and support a couple of times so far tonight with zero success at all, always either tell me it's because I'm not using the Home Hub or to reset the Home Hub.

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Re: Connection dropped overnight, speed reduced by ~40%

Leave the connection alone it will rercover automatically given time a stable connection is now the most important 

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