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Connection dropping every few minutes

My connection keeps dropping out, sometimes as frequently as every few minutes.


I had a new master socket installed earlier this year after a long saga of problems with my internet and phone, so presumably it is unlikely there is anything wrong with this.


(previous thread here:


I have checked the event log in my smart hub manager and the following messages seems to keep occuring:


dsl:VDSL Link Down: duration was 458 seconds


:Connection to the Internet has been terminated.(Reboot,Reconfiguration,forced termination)


:VLAN VLAN_DATA disconnected


:connection ATM_DATA disconnected.[ERROR_USER_DISCONNECT]


:connection ATM_TV disconnected.[ERROR_USER_DISCONNECT]


Can anyone explain what this means and how to fix it?


My smart hub data:

Product name: BT Hub 6A
Serial number: +084319+NQ61932649
Firmware version: SG4B10002244
Firmware updated: 21-Jan-2017
Board version: 1.0
Gui version: 1.32.0
DSL uptime: 0 Days, 0 Hours 26 Minutes 32 Seconds
Data rate: 20.00 kbps / 80.00 kbps
Maximum data rate: 19999 / 86183
Noise margin: 6.9 / 7.7
Line attenuation: 9.1
Signal attenuation:
 VPI / VCI: 0/38
Modulation: G_993_2_ANNEX_B
Latency type: Fast Path
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Re: Connection dropping every few minutes

Although you consider it unlikely there may be a problem with the new faceplate you still have to rule it out by connecting to the test socket. This will also rule out a problem with your internal wiring.


Also conduct a quiet line test on 17070 option 2, there should be no noise at all between announcements. If you find there is noise report a line fault without mentioning broadband.