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Connection dropping periodically, wired and wireless.

Dear all 


I am having a few issues with my BT Faster Broadband service. I have one of the new smart hubs and have upgraded to the service a few months ago. To bring you bang up to date I initially got issues with the connection when I had a power surge at my house. We originally thought that this surge had damaged the router and so changed the router after a conversation with BT. This did not resolve it however. 


After several conversations on the phone with BT and now 2 new hubs being sent out to me I am still having the same issue. I couldnt get any joy speaking to the engineers on the phone and wont moan about that here but I would just like some proper help. 


At home I have 2 desktop PCs (different colour cases - red one and black one - called this to allow me to differentiate between them), 1 laptop, 1 sky digital box and 2 mobile phones all connected to the router. At any one time usually only 3 or 4 at most of these devices will be connected. Since the power surge and subsequent router change however none of them have ever worked properly. I have changed the network card in one and changed ethernet cables also but I still cannot get one of them working and currently the wifi barely works at all. 


After much fiddling with options and googling I have managed to get the Red PC working and back on the internet and I think the hub thinks this one is the master pc or something. I checked the advanced settings and it is set on a fixed IP address currently. However the black pc isnt working at the moment. Having received two new hubs from BT through the post I have plugged in both and begun to use them and at first they worked fine (both wired PCs would connect to the net) but then after a period of 24 hours or so at least one would drop off the network, usually the black one. 


At this point the black one is not connected and windows 8.1 says it has a limited connection currently (I googled this and it says that it says this when the PC has connected to the router but has no IP address applied to it). 


My red pc was originally plugged into Port 1 on the hub and the black one on Port 2 - initially I thought that this might have something to do with it so i swapped the ethernet cables around between the two ports, the red one is now on Port 2 and the black one is in port 1. 


At present according to Hub manager the router cannot see the black PC in port 1 but CAN SEE the red one in port 2. This is an issue which I am not sure how to resolve other than revert back to the other way around (red in port 1 and black in port2 - i will try this after posting this thread).


When I checked the network connection on the black pc within windows it said IP configuration failure.  


Wifi - On a completely separate note to this I also have issues with the WIFI. 


Since these problems began about 4 weeks ago I have barely had any wifi connection at all to any of my devices. My two smartphones (HTC Desire) both hang on Obtaining IP Address but not actually connecting to wifi. One device has managed to connect on occasion and one cannot at all. My WIFI is set up on automatic scanning to find the best wifi channel but reading a reply of yours in another thread i wonder if changing this may help. However I am not sure how to make the phone read a certain channel or if that is something i even need to do tbh. 


I am not a complete novice with PCs but I am by no means a network security expert either so I hope that someone will be able to help me. I can understand most of the jargon used and can easily follow simple instructions. I am at the end of my tether with this at the moment and would love some help. I am hoping that it is something really simple and straight forward like it is trying to find a specific IP and it should just use one assigned by the DHCP or something but I am not 100% sure this will fix it and so dont want to go fiddling unnecessarily in it all. 

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Re: Connection dropping periodically, wired and wireless.

Welcome to this user forum.


Can you please post the information from the smart hub, using this link.


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Re: Connection dropping periodically, wired and wireless.

I suspect you have yet another faulty Smart hub. If you peruse the forum you will find countless such problems. Ring customer services and insist they send a HH5 replacement rather than yet another faulty HH6

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Re: Connection dropping periodically, wired and wireless.

This is a list of your BT Smart Hub settings and current statistics.

Product name:

BT Hub 6A

Serial number:


Firmware version:


Firmware updated:


Board version:


Gui version:


DSL uptime:

0 Days, 3 Hours 51 Minutes 31 Seconds

Data rate:

1.10 kbps / 10.00 kbps

Maximum data rate:

1101 / 13711

Noise margin:

6.2 / 9

Line attenuation:


Signal attenuation:




Latency type:

Fast Path

Data sent / received:

13 MB Uploaded / 52 MB Downloaded

Broadband username:

BT Wi-fi:


2.4 GHz wireless network name:


2.4 GHz wireless channel:

Smart (Channel 1)

5 GHz wireless network name:


5 GHz wireless channel:

Smart (Channel 36)

Wireless security:

WPA2 (Recommended)

Band steering:


Wireless mode:

Mode 1



MAC address:


Software variant:


Boot loader:


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Re: Connection dropping periodically, wired and wireless.

Ive gone through 3 hubs now, is it really likely that theyre all faulty? 


If it is then ok but this is poor service. Im trying to keep my cool with them but there are some really incompetent people working there if this is the case. 

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Re: Connection dropping periodically, wired and wireless.

@blueburrah: Some background from someone who has been in EE/CompSci/Computing disciplines for decades, both in academia and in industry ...

It does happen occasionally in software that a development team loses control of a project, as development is a never-ending war between rising code complexity, the unavoidable increase in bugs that it brings, and human mental ability.

Humans don't always win these battles, not by a long shot, and worse, they often won't admit to themselves (or their bosses) when they have lost.  Some developers may not even realize it.

We don't know the background to the HH6 story (we don't even know if it involves BT personnel, since the firmware development could be subcontracted, and the hardware development definitely is), so it's not possible to judge exactly what happened here.  It does seem a near certainty though that HH6 firmware developers lost their battle against software complexity, or this problem would not have turned into an epic.  Quite often this is a terminal situation, without possible recovery other than throwing away the old and starting afresh.

Perhaps someone will write a book about this particular battle one day, and we'll be entertained. For now though, it's best to stay clear of the battlefield altogether. 🙂

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