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Connection dropping

My infity connection has been rock solid since it was installed 3-4 months ago, untill yesterday evening. I first noticed horribly inconsistent speeds for 3-4 hours, and then disconnects started to happen. and havent stopped since. every 5-15 mins my echolife HG612 drops dsl connection and requires a restart for it to connect again. In the short windows that my connection is up, the speed remains horribly inconsistant. 


The area im in is bletchley, milton keynes. at first i thought it might be because of bad weather in the area (really heavey rainfall, high wind speeds) but after checking service status and doing line tests online there seem to be no reported faults. 


I have tried the usual basic troubleshooting, like disconnecting everything and using test socket etc. but the problem remains. which leads me to belive its not a problem with internal wireing or equiptment faults.


Does anyone have any suggestions? before i spend 5 hours on the phone speaking to people who havent got a clue what they are talking about telling me to turn it off and back on again -.-




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Re: Connection dropping

If the modem is dropping connection then you need to contact the help line and get an engineer visit arranged as it could be a faulty modem or a line fault
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