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Connection faults

I placed a broadband order almost a month ago!  My activation date passed so I called BT and was told there was a fault at the exchange so my order was cancelled. Once this was fixed they would recover my order and get me online.


So cutting it short, they recovered the order and appeared to have failed, so call again, Told it his failed and that they will retry, I now wait until monday to see if this has worked!


Is there any staff on here that could tell me if the serial number to the open reach modem matches the serial  to the modem I have here? 


I have seen in some cases the serial numbers are incorrect and I would like to confirm this now incase it fails again on Monday and I then have to wait again?? 


Please! Any help!?

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Re: Connection faults


This is only a customer to customer help forum, the only BT Employees are the moderators.. All you can do is to keep trying to calling the FTTP team.

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Re: Connection faults

Has nothing to do with the serial number. If it did you wouldn't be able to use third party routers which you can.

Hadn't noticed FTTP so yes the serial of the ONT must be correct.

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