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Connection from my Laptop to HH4 router Broadband very slow

I am having problems accessing the internet and my Windows Live Mail.  I have reset my modem and switched on my laptop.    I have checked the IP settings for my network and it seems OK.   When I view my network in the networks centre and it appears I am connected and the blue light is steady on the modem but my computer struggles to connect even though the 5 bars are steady on the bottom right and as I say it appears I am connected.   I did spent 2 hrs with a BT technician 2 days ago who couldn't find the problem but stopped when he asked me to check the IP settings on "cmd" and there were none.   Since then I  have inserted the IP settings in the IPv4 settings for my network and as I say it appears to connect and the 5 bars are showing but it takes a very long time to access the internet and download my mail (at least 10 minutes).  I am even now using an ethernet connection as before it was impossible to connect but I can connect very slowly with the ethernet connection.    Can it be my wireless card or adaptor?   I have been into the Adaptor settings and it does say they are working fine.    I am at my wits end, I don't know what else to check before I finally succumb to getting an engineer in.  


Any advise ?

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