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Connection issue

Hi, hope someone can help me. A BT engineer came out last Friday to sort our broadband out. All went fine, we were told it would activate at around midnight and to phone the helpline if it hadn't.

So far the broadband still hasn't activated, we phoned the helpline and whilst they said they are looking into it, I am not convinced. I could barely understand what they were saying due to the line being so poor but they kept talking about trying to get in touch with the 'suppliers'. I thought BT were the suppliers. Having read the post by Happyaslarry I'm worried I'm going to be waiting for weeks when I have distance learning assignments I need to work on.

The helpline said they will phone back tomorrow morning so will update then.
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Re: Connection issue

hi the reference to the suppliers refers to BT Wholesale who BT retail your supplier buys the broadband service from if you have any problems after tommorow please post back and we can help you further
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