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Connection issues


Have recently experienced a major problem with the broadband. Bad enough I have to use the pc at work to post this.

Since last Thursday (now 5 days ago), no machine with wifi can access the internet at home. Have quite a few machines (PC, netbook, laptop, PS3 & 4, iPad mini) that uses the broadband in some capacity.

What has happened is that all of a sudden when I tried the net last Thursday is that it appeared I was connected to the homehub but every webpage, ipad app etc etc is coming up that I'm not connected. Rang BT - completely useless & was of time - made out it was some fault on the pc or equivalent and to contact an engineer or whatever to try to fix it. They had me switch off & on the hub, the pc etc, and nothing worked. Tried fiddling with the settings on the pc to see if that helped (It didn't). Five days later its still coming up as connecting to the hub but still no websites.

Have actually ran into two separate people in the same area I live and they are saying the exact same thing, yet my brother who lives on the other side of town has no bother with his. Also, was told that a new neighbour has had BT services recently installed (got me thinking that maybe the engineer doing the instalation maybe hit or changed something in the local exchange).

Really needing some advice on how to proceed with this.

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Re: Connection issues

anything listed here

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Re: Connection issues

if the problem is only happening on wireless and not ethernet then it is a wireless problem not a BT one
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Re: Connection issues

Interesting coincidence (Thursday) I experienced an outage the same day.  MY Infinity2 was installed on 6th May and had worked flawlessly until suddenly on Thursday evening the broadband went down.  I contaced the Helpline and went throught the usual unplugging and plugging back in and resetting the hub (all of which I had done before calling)  Even plugging in my Laptop with a cat5e cable was unsucessfull.   The agent advised that he could see there was service to my home so the problem had to be with my equipment but agreed to monitor the line and promisedto phone back next morning.  As is usual this call never materialised.  By this time I had realised that most of my neighbours wre also on BT and by using a Wirelss Dongle i was able to get back on line throght BT FON.  I telephoned back and explained I was awaiting a call back and the second agent tried some more tests and eventually reached the conclusion that the fault was in my equipment and I should call in an IT Engineer.  I refused to accept this and enphasised that I was unable to access the hub through ethernet connection with my lap top and this also did not explain why none of my wireless equipped Smartphones, iPhone ect could access the internmet either.  Also as i was able to connect through BT Fon using my neighbour's hub this proved there was nothing wrong with my equipment.  After a few minutes wait a "supervisor" came on the line and advised that there might indeed be a fault in my area and they would have it looked at and phone me back (this evening)  When I took my wife to work this morning there were firstly one then three "Openreach" vans at the DSLAM cabinet I am connected to.  They were still there when I returned home at 1pm.  Around 30 mins ago (while I was connected through BT FON) I noticed the Hub reboot (twice) and all combinations of lights flashed.  After the blue light was steady for a few minutes I connected the ethernet cable to the hub, rebooted the PC and all is back to normal.



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