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Connection loss five minutes after initial log on

When I first log on to my computer broadband automatically connects but approx. five minutes later it will drop off and I have to go to BT Desk Top help to get reconnected. This can take up to ten minutes. Once connected I have no problem and stay connected providing I put the computer onto standby if I leave it for any length of time.

I have read all the help items I can find. I have restarted from the hub many times, I have pressed default on two occasions, I have changed the channel from 6 to 11. I have disconnected everything and left it for half an hour before reconnecting. Still the same everytime I log on. I am very reluctant to ring India BT as I find I just cannot understand what they are saying and it takes so long.

Please, if someone give me some jargon free advice I would be very greatful!!

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Re: Connection loss five minutes after initial log on

from your post it sounds like it is your wireless connection that is the problem.


you can try downloading inssider2 (istumbler if MAC) and then run it. This will show the broadcasting networks round about you and their channels including your own. If you then enter your router and change your wireless channel to a free or less congested channel.


you can also try changing the wireless from b/g/n to just b/g unless all your devices are 'n' rated

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