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Connection on Laptop keeps dropping out

I have a BTHub6 on unlimited infinity and my connection keeps dropping out on my laptop, sometimes it can't even find my internet. It seems to be happening more often than not, anyone got any ideas why this is happening and how to resolve it. My wifi on my mobile and tablet work fine yet my laptop keeps losing connection.

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Re: Connection on Laptop keeps dropping out

we had the same problem using  a macbook, we had to have the signal at the router split. not sure what you call it but macbook has to have a 2mgz signal and router is 5 mgz, so BT did it over the phone when we gave them access to the router. not sure the guy did the job right or not but macbook does stay connected on the 2mgz side but the 5 mgz we use for every thing else is not very good, we have infinity but while streeming films to ipad it buffers a lot!!!! I have been told you can arrange an engineer visit to optimise the whole set up at home but not sure if thats true or not or if so how much it would be. ( probably a fortune as its BT)

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Re: Connection on Laptop keeps dropping out

have you tried splitting the 2.4/5ghz networks?

have you tried selecting wireless channels manually rather than on auto

have you tried changing the wireless mode from 1 to either 2 or 3

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