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Connection problems 7+ months on

I have been using BtInfinity for over a year but I have had internet drops for the past 7+ months. I've had an engineer round many times two times they changed the Modem I think both may have been before/during August so is there a chance all 3 modems I have gone through have been faulty according to the post saying "We've been listening to customer feedback and identified a reliability problem with the modem which causes disconnections or even total loss of service."

Ive also made several phone calls to them telling them about the problem but all they say is the same thing over and over again even when i tell them i've done everything they say it goes back to being an engineer sent round to test things my side and they always run tests there side with no results it really is aggravating. Everything has been changed apart from the router so I think thats whats causing the problem, but I have little hope in Bt changing a router for free.


I have more information about my problem here:

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Re: Connection problems 7+ months on



Reading the thread you linked to it looks like you've done all the "check for clear channel and move HH off automatic to this channel"... not sure if your using wireless n..... I would.


In my HH2 days (true it was on ADSL) I had problems with drop out while listening to Spotify (Music). Even though I had carried out all the wireless checks/changes.

As I was getting Infinity, I gave up trying to get  the HH2 fixed.


A few days before my Infinity install the new HH3 arrived. So I decided to connect the HH3 to my existing ADSL and Spotify listening was much better. In fact over the two days I didn't have a single drop out.... which was unheard of with my HH2.


Since Infinity installation in July I can listen to Spotify and just treat it like a radio... it's always there when I want it. 


I seem to remember reading recently a couple of posts, one mentioning they are on their third HH3 and the other asking about the return label provided with his replacement HH3, so that he could send his original router back to BT.

So It may be possible to obtain a HH3.... I'd contact the BT forum mods again, there's no harm in asking, Dean and crew are very helpful.


Or you may want to go down this route.-


See Ady's message #25 HERE.


I noticed you said your router is on the floor....


The WiFi killers link in this might be interesting.-


 Positioning the HH3 as high as possible and as central as possible may help as suggested by.-


I have a spare HH3 (Kindly sent to me by Pip... Smiley Happy)

If you click on my exchange link in my signature and if you're local you are more than welcome to borrow it to see if it's any better.


Edit be aware if your one of the few "lucky" Infinity customers with Broadband Talk over their HH2 that it will not work with the new HH3's.



Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Connection problems 7+ months on

Thanks so much for the great reply. I have ordered a Usb adapter to get the full potential from my infinity. I have also sent them another message further explaining my problem with a link back to this thread.

I've also tried keeping my router off the floor but the problem stayed. I live in Essex so I think it's abit far for me to test your hub but thanks for the offer.

I'll post back here when BT get back to me/things change 🙂
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