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Connection problems between BTHub3 and iPad 2

I have an iPad 2 that i have had for three years and there hasn't really been any problems with it before but all of a sudden about two weeks ago it keeps dropping connection. I have also noticed a drop in connection speed when it does work. It doesnt drop connection all the time, one minute I can be connected and using my iPad and then the next it will lose connection and take ages to find it again. All of the other devices in the house work fine, I have tried restarting my iPad and home hub, I have changed the channel on my wifi settings, I've done eveything I can think of and still nothing. Sometimes when it disconnects I wait on the wifi settings tab on the iPad until it reconnents and I have seen other networks available to join but mine isn't there, so i'm assuming it's a problem between the iPad and the homehub as I was still able to find other networks but not my own. 

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Re: Connection problems between BTHub3 and iPad 2

which version of the hh3 do you have - A or B

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